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Vulture concept art Spider-Man Homecoming
Real name: Adrian Toomes
Aliases: None
Alignment: Bad
Age: 58
(Born 1958)
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight: 181 lbs (82 kg)
Relatives/friends: Doris Toomes (wife)
Liz Toomes (Daughter)
Characteristics: N/A
Portrayed by: Michael Keaton
Appearances: Spider-Man: Homecoming

"How do you think your buddy Stark paid for that tower? Or any of his little toys? Those people, Pete, those people up there- The rich and the powerful- they do whatever they want! Guys like us? Like you and me? They don't care about us. We build their roads and fight all their wars and everything, but they don't care about us. We have to pick up after 'em, we have to eat their table-scraps...that's how it is."
— Adrian Toomes

Adrian Toomes (of Earth-199999), better know as the Vulture, originally owned and operated his own salvage company, but turned to thievery and arms dealing to support his family and to also keep his company out of bankruptcy.

The most important things to Adrian are his wife and daughter and he will go to any lengths to support and protect them even it means having to murder a friend. He has a mechanical wing suit made from alien technology and his weapon is a beam gun which can bisect targets.

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