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Full Name: Adriana "Ana" Soria
First Appearance: The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 2 #15
Created by: Paul Jenkins; Michael Ryan
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth:
Citizenship: American
Base: Formerly her "hive" in Manhattan
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, telepathy, telekinesis, insect and arachnid control, mutanagenic bite, sonic scream, spider form
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Unique Features: After stabbed in the back by Venom, she mutated into a giant spider

"The metamorphosis has begun. I feel you, all of you, reaching out along the web we all share. Whatever you were yesterday, that was another time. A different life. You are all my children now. My colony. My kingdom. And I am your queen."
— Spider Queen

Adriana "Ana" Soria (of Earth-616) better known as the Spider-Queen, is a mutant who was part of an experiment performed by the U.S. military to recreate Captain America.


Early Life

At the beginning of World War II, Adriana Soria joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.

While this was happening, America started to make effort to make another Super Soldier Serum in order to create another Super Soldier like Captain America in order to combat the Japanese and Soviet.

Genetically suited soldiers were selected from the Marines for "Operation Crossroads", and Ana was the first selected.

One mission detailed Ana's group to go head first into Bikini Atoll in order to absorb radiation to see if it activated any hidden abilities within their DNA. However, Ana's team was not told of the radiation, as most of them died from radiation poisoning.

Ana didn't die, nor did any abilities seemingly activate, but her metabolism was raised to the point of insanity. She was deemed a failure and was sealed in an asylum.

Sometime during the 1950's, Ana broke out of the asylum and during 1954, kidnapped professor David Jaffe, the scientist in charge of Operation Crossroads to get answers.

It is revealed that the radiation actually altered Ana's genetic structure kick started a mutant ability that allowed her to control insects and made her into a insect human hybrid, however she still can have the look of a human.

Rise of the Queen

During the events of "Avengers Disassembled", Ana resurfaces in Manhatthan calling herself "The Queen" now in full command of her insect controlling powers. 

Ana is first seen leaving a limousine and as she leaves, is welcomed by many of her slaves. She quickly destroys a taxi with her telepathy powers and makes her way up a Manhattan Highrise.

Kissing a defeated Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Captain America and Spider-Man think something is up and try to investigate. Ana meets Spider-Man on the roof and after a quick introduction she interrupts one of his jokes and his attempt to web her with a swift kick to the leg and a warning. Spidey tries to subdue her but is kicked across the face by the strong woman and is brought down with her sonic scream and a powerful punch. Ana's slaves grab Spidey and she slowly starts to roll up his mask while claiming she liked Spider-Man because he was a survivor like her. Captain America arrives and tries to save Spider-Man but is subdued by Ana's slaves and she uses her powers to knock him out with his own shield. Spidey still tires to struggle against her, so she tells her slaves to let him go and let her take care of him, defeating the hero with a second sonic scream. As Spider-Man falls unconscious, Ana catches him in a hug and holds him close, telling him not to be ashamed of his defeat because he could have never stood against her, before pulling him into a deep wet kiss.

Spider-Man and Captain America are held captive by Ana, and she visits Spidey in an attempt to control him. She reveals her intent in making Spider-Man her mate, and have him father her children in her new world. She kisses him again in an attempt to make him fall in love with her. Spider-Man is slowly affected by her kiss, feeling her connection to her various slaves and feels “alive” during the experience. He slowly begins to kiss her back and he is almost controlled before managing to resist and push her off him, spitting out her kiss in disgust. Enraged by Spidey's insult, Ana dropped her flirtatious attitude and grabbed Spider-Man by the chin, snarling that no one does that to her. Ana slapped him across the face twice and vowed he would love her whether he wanted to or not and Proceeded to leave Spider-Man alone in the dark. Meanwhile, news of the first kiss between The Queen and Spider-Man spread through the city, but everyone thought it was Spider-Man who kissed Queen.

Spider-Man eventually frees himself to fight Ana again, only for her, In an attempt to break Spider-Man's will, force several of her drones to jump to their deaths. Afterwards she once again overwhelmed Spidey with her powers, but when he refused to submit to her she knocked him out with a kick to the head. She was about to force herself on him once again but S.H.I.E.L.D. soon arrived and launched an unsuccessful attack before Captain America frees himself and caused Ana to fall from the building.

Turning Peter Parker into a spider

Although Ana escaped, to build a new army of drones in Manhattan's underground subway system. During this, Spider-Man was slowly transforming into an actual spider creature with four eyes, eight limbs, a hairy body and fangs, due to Ana's kiss. 

Professor David Jaffe was forced to create a bomb by Ana that would mess with all the mental abilities of the human brain, just like the bomb made by the US during the Cold War.

The bomb would not hurt insects, at Ana's request, but would kill humans lacking the insect gene she and Spider-Man had. When the bomb was done, Ana announced to the area that everyone should either evacuate within a 600 miles radius or die. This was Ana's means of escape.

However, Spider-Man sabotaged it and she was killed by her own bomb, but her body was never found.


Towering over Captain America and Agent Venom

Alive and well, Ana soon started to think of a plan where she would turn everyone into spiders so that she could control them.

With the help of the Jackal, she kidnapped Steve Rogers and turned him into the "Spider-King".

She then got word that a cure was being made a Horizon Labs to cure all people given spider powers that would evenually turn into giant spiders that Ana would control. To combat this, Ana used her powers to force J. Jonah Jameson into killing Alistaire Smythe, who was coming up with a cure.

However, she was too late and the Spider-King was cured, making him Captain America again. 

The Jackal then sent Tarantula and  Kaine (Peter Parker's clone), to destroy the cure, but Spider-Man regained his spider-sense during the fight and Kaine into the lake of anti-bodies, curing him of his disfigured face, and making him look like a perfect twin clone of Peter Parker. 

Upset that things were not going her way, Ana used her Sonic Scream to kill the Jackal. 

Kaine, cured of his scars

After Jackal's death, she fought against the cured Captain America and almost killed him, but Agent Venom helped out by using Captain America's shield to badly hurt Ana. 

The wound from Agent Venom only made her more upset. Upset enough to transform into a nearly 20 feet tall spider-human hybrid, by drawing power from anyone in New York who was mutated.

While Ana was busy fighting superheroes, Spider-Man used Doctor Octopus' octo-bots to carry out the cure to all infected New Yorkers.

With her powers draining because of New Yorkers being cured, it was time for the killing blow. Ms. Marvel took Kaine, who was wearing the Big Time suit to avoid her sonic screams, and threw him at Ana's head and stabbed her in the back of the head using a stinger he grew from his arm. Any and all heroes currently fighting her, continued to attack her, causing her to explode all over.

Iron Man preformed an autopsy which confirmed that this was Adriana Soria and that she was dead once and for all. 


Alive, it was revealed that the Jackal had stolen a limb of Adriana and used her DNA to make many clones that he named "Spider-Princess".

All of these clones were killed by Spider-Man and Alpha

Powers and abilities

Ana, controlling others against their will


  • Superhuman Strength: Ana can lift about one ton.
  • Telepathy: Ana can communicate with her drones over long distances through telepathy. She utilizes her telepathy to also control the minds of insects and humans with the insect gene.
    • Insect Control: Ana can command insects, as well as humans who have the "insect gene". People controlled remain aware of their surroundings, but only strong-willed people, such as Spider-Man, can mount any resistance to her commands.
  • Telekinesis: Ana can raise, move, or interrupt the movement of animate and inanimate objects. She also uses this power to control the motor functions of any insect or humans who have the insect gene.
  • Mutagenic Enzyme: Soria's saliva contains a mutagenic compound. This enzyme appears to have unique effects on those connected to the Web of Life, such as Spider-Man. She transmitted it through a kiss, which slowly turned Spider-Man into a giant spider she had full control over.
    • This enzyme was probably used in the creation of the Jackal's "Spider-Flu" and granted most of New York spider powers before turning them into spiders.
  • Sonic Scream: Ana can emit a dangerous blast of sound from her mouth that has the potential to kill a person.
  • Shape-Shifting: Ana was also able to turn herself in a giant half human, half spider-like monster. The strength of this transformation depends upon the amount of arachnids she fed off of, via the Web of Life.


Soria has military training and is adept in several forms of armed and unarmed combat.

Strength Level

Ana can lift about one ton.


  • There are several holes in Ana Soria's brief history. According to her OHOTMU Spider-Man 2005 entry, Ana was exposed to radiation on the Bikini Atoll, while Ana herself recalls being irradiated in a desert in The Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #17. The handbook only says that she was the first female Marine to see combat, while Ana recalls that most of her unit were unable to complete the rigors of their specialized training after she was drafted into the Marines from the Auxiliary Women's Corps.


  • Ana Soria and Captain America shortly dated in 1945, before Captain America was frozen.
  • Adriana Soria was the name of illustrator Humberto Ramos' ex-girlfriend.
  • Adrianna is the second villain to be called Spider-Queen, the first being Shannon Kane

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