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Age of Ultron
Universe: Earth-61112, Earth-62111, Earth-TRN279

Created by:

Brian Michael Bendis, Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson, Joe Quesada

Main Heroes:

Avengers (Earth-61112), Hawkeye (Earth-61112), Black Widow (Earth-61112), Moon Knight (Earth-61112), Spider-Man (Earth-61112), Luke Cage (Earth-61112), She-Hulk (Earth-61112), Fantastic Four (Earth-61112), Wolverine (Earth-61112), Invisible Woman (Earth-61112), Defenders (Earth-26111), Tony Stark (Earth-26111), Wolverine (Earth-TRN279), Invisible Woman (Earth-TRN279), Hank Pym (Earth-616)

Main Villains:

Ultron (Earth-61112), Ultron (Earth-616), Vision (Earth-61112)

"Submit or perish."
— Ultron

The Age of Ultron is a event in the Marvel Comics universe that features the return of Ultron and his rule of the Earth.

Publication history[]

The event was published between March and June 2013, with eight tie-ins.


After the events of Avengers (Vol 4) #12.1, Ultron escapes and starts to take over the world.

The story starts with Hawkeye rescuing Spider-Man from being captured. After coming back to see the last of Earth's heroes, they come up with a plan to offer up someone in order to see Ultron and try to hurt him from the inside. 

She-Hulk takes Luke Cage, only to find out that Ultron isn't even in their timeline and is using the Vision to rule in their timeline, while Ultron sits safe in the future.

She-Hulk defends herself while Luke Cage gets away, telling him to get the infomation to the others. Luke Cage does, but dies from his injuries. 

Nick Fury then decides that they need to go into the future using Doctor Doom's time platform and defeat Ultron there, and end this once and for all. Wolverine thinks that they should go back in time and kill Hank Pym, in order to prevent him from creating Ultron, thus preventing the Age of Ultron. 

Iron Man, Captain America, Nick Fury, Red Hulk, Storm, Quake and Quicksilver all go into the future. While Wolverine travels back in time to kill Henry Pym so that he never creates Ultron. When Wolverine arrives, he sees that Invisible Woman has followed him. They evenually arrived at Hank Pym's lab where Wolverine kills Hank Pym in front of Sue.

Wolverine and Sue then time travel forward again to see if it worked. Their flying car is shot down and they are greeted by an alternate reality version of the Avengers, called the Defenders.

It is then revealed they have arrived in a Age of Morgan le Fey, where the Avengers never formed and Morgan le Fey has taken over most of the world. A mostly robot Tony Stark scans their brains to confirm they are not Skrulls, but sees the damage they have done saying "You broke this world". 

Morgan le Fey attacks again, wiping out all the Defenders as the alternate Tony tells Wolverine to stop going back in time, because time is very fragile.

Wolverine goes back in time anyway with Sue Storm. He arrives to the past Wolverine in his first costume with short ears telling him that killing Hank isn't going to work. They soon work with Hank to program Ultron with a virus failsafe to kill Ultron once the Age of Ultron is supposed to begin in the present.

They do this, but then Age of Ultron Wolverine asks past Wolverine to kill him, because of the horrible events he saw in the Age of Mogran le Fey timeline. After this is done, history continues as usual, and once the Age of Ultron is supposed to happen past Hank tells future Hank of the failsafe, since Ultron wipes Hank's mind upon creation. Hank activates the failsafe virus to Ultron's surpirse, killing him.

At Avengers Tower, Henry Pym, Iron Man, and the Beast theorize that Wolverine's time traveling caused much damage to the space-time continuum and has created various tears across the fabric of the multiverse.

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Miles Morales is out swinging as Spider-Man when a flash of light echoes to reveal the Earth-616 Galactus


This is a list of confirmed deaths seen or heard of in the Age of Ultron:


  • Scott Summers: Mentioned to be dead by Emma Frost.


  • Thor: Mentioned to be dead by Valkyrie.

Fantastic Four[]

  • Human Torch: Killed by Ultron's forces.
  • The Thing: Killed by Ultron's forces.
  • Mr. Fantastic: Killed by Ultron's forces.


  • She-Hulk - Killed when protecting Luke Cage from Ultron's sentinels.
  • Luke Cage - Killed by exposure to nuclear blast in New York. Died in the Savage Land.
  • Captain America - Killed by Ultron's forces in the future, during the heroes' assault attempt.
  • Captain Marvel - Sacrificed herself to destroy Ultron's main forces in London.
  • Hulk: Mentioned to be dead by Wolverine.
  • Black Panther: Neck broken from fall caused by collision of a building where Red Hulk battled Ultron sentinels.
  • Jessica Jones - Mentioned to be dead by Luke Cage.
  • Danielle Cage - Mentioned to be dead by Luke Cage.


  • Medusa: Killed by Ultron's forces.

Villians []

  • Taskmaster - Killed by Red Hulk after apparently trying to betray him.
  • Hammerhead: Killed by Ultron's sentinels when trying to trade Spider-Man with Ultron for unknown reasons.
  • The Owl: Killed by Ultron's sentinels when trying to trade Spider-Man with Ultron for unknown reasons.
  • Doctor Doom: Killed by Ultron.


  • Max Modell: Killed by Ultron's forces defending Horizon Labs.
  • Captain Britain - Killed by Ultron's forces during the assault against Ultron's London main staging post.



  • Neil Gaiman's Angela character was introduced into the Marvel Universe in the last issue of the Age of Ultron miniseries, however the issue was shipped in a polybag to prevent other details of the story's ending from being publicized too early.