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Full Name: Aleksei Mikhailovich Systevich
First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #41 (October 1966)
Created by: Stan Lee, John Romita, Sr.
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: Russia
Citizenship: Russian
Base: Mobile
Affiliations: Sinister Six; formerly Defenders, Klaw's Army, Emissaries of Evil, Sinister Syndicate; ally of the Leader and the Abomination.
Powers/Abilities: Incredible strength, and near invulnerability. Horn on head can tear through close to anything.
Height: 6' 5" (1.97 m)
Weight: 710 lbs (323 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Unique Features: Extremely large, Iron tough skin, and a Rhino suit that cannot be removed.

"Lead me to the Hulk... now! The Rhino'll make mincemeat out of 'im!!"
— Rhino

Alexsei Sytsevich (of Earth-616), better known as the Rhino, is a villian of Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.


Becoming Rhino

After being empowered by volunteering to be bonded to an experimental exoskeleton by Norman Osborn, Rhino is directed to kidnap Colonel John Jameson. Rhino, however, betrays Norman and goes on a rampage, eventually being defeated by Spider-Man. Eventually approached Norman once again, Rhino agrees to find and kidnap Bruce Banner (the alter ego of the Hulk). Banner becomes the Hulk and battles the Rhino, who escapes and pursues the Leader once realizing that he has been used. Rhino is caught in an explosion while attacking the Leader's ship, and is left in a coma.

Rhino reappears with fellow Hulk foe the Abomination, and the pair activate a gamma bomb at the Hulkbuster base in an attempt to destroy the Hulk. The Hulk's companion of the time, Jim Wilson, deactivates the bomb and the Hulk tricks the villains during combat, forcing them to collide and knock each unconscious.

Rhino later joins the first Sinister Six to battle Spider-Man. He has a comical encounter with the mercenary Deadpool ending with the Rhino's defeat by a diminutive (courtesy of the Pym Particles discovered by Henry Pym) Deadpool guest-stars during the Civil War storyline when Rhino is recruited by Chameleon to attempt once again to eliminate Spider-Man.

During The Gauntlet storyline, Rhino later decided to give up his life entirely. He surrendered to the police, and pled guilty to all charges against him. S.H.I.E.L.D. (painfully) removed his Rhino costume, and he was sentenced to twenty-five years in Ryker's Island. The Russian Mafia and other criminal gangs tried to recruit him, but he denied them all, even going so far as to completely avoid a break-out at one point. For his good behavior and cooperation, he was released early on parole, "in order to make room for worse guys". His first stop after getting off the bus was a diner where the waitress Oksana was somewhat mean/nice to him because she knew he was an ex-con as that's all that ever comes in. He paid for his meal and left. He rents a room at Vasili's, and is met by a Doctor Trauma, who wants to re-invent him as an all-new and improved Rhino. Spider-Man began battling with the new Rhino. Peter was forced to throw a gasoline tanker at him. That one hit completely totaled the new Rhino suit. Spider-Man begs Aleksei to stop now that the new Rhino suit is destroyed to which he responds "All of this happened because I pretended to be something I am not. I will never forgive you."

Powers & Abilities


  • Durability: The character possesses a thick polymer mat suit similar to a rhinoceros hide, covering his entire body aside from his face. The suit is highly impervious to damage and temperature extremes, and is also equipped with a horn.
  • Super Strength: Due to mutagenic chemical and radiation treatments, including gamma ray bombardment, the character posseses superhuman strength (enabling him to lift 95 tons), heightened levels of speed and stamina, and a high degree of durability.


Rhino's suit has one fatal flaw: it obstructs his pores. Without a proper (de)hydration system, Rhino must periodically stop fighting and drink water, lest he overheat. Thus, Spider-Man gained the advantage by realizing and attacking this weakness (after Rhino proved immune to every other form of attack) by leading O'Hirn into a steam tunnel and opening up the pipes. Suffering from heat exhaustion and severely delusional, O'Hirn gives Spider-Man The Big Man's real name just before passing out.

A second weakness of the costume is Rhino's trouble at manipulating small objects (such as elevator buttons). However, O'Hirn is humble enough to acknowledge these shortcomings.



  • In 1967, The Rhino made two appearances in the first season of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon voiced by Ed McNamera, and one appearance in the third season.
  • In 1994, The Rhino appears several times on Spider-Man: The Animated Series voiced by Don Stark. He is an enforcer for the Kingpin, and a member of the Insidious Six. His origin is not detailed in the series and he first appears in "The Alien Costume" in Season One, fighting Peter while he has the Symbiote Costume on.
  • In 2008, Rhino appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man voiced by Clancy Brown. Originally a common petty crook under Big Man, O'Hirn was partnered with Flint Marko, and (briefly) Shocker. The two friends had repeated run-ins with Spider-Man and were getting frustrated at constantly being dupes and punching bags. Eventually realizing Spider-Man must be made to get out of his way, Big Man had O'Hirn used as a guinea pig in Oscorp's illegal experiments. His body was infused with Otto Octavius' newest innovation: supertough polymer armor modeled after a rhinoceros. O'Hirn gleefully dubbed himself "The Rhino".
    • In "Group Therapy", he escapes from Ryker's Island with Doc Ock, Shocker, Fancy Dan and Ox, Sandman, and Vulture by Electro and team up to take down Spider-Man as (the Daily Bugle dubs them) the Sinister Six, where rekindles his partnership with Flint Marko, who has now become Sandman. Despite scaring Spider-Man away during a confrontation (with Rhino ready to impale him), he is defeated by a symbiote-controlled Spider-Man, when he is accidentally hit at the same time by Shocker and Electro, causing him to pass out while standing, and thrown on top of Electro.
    • In "Reinforcement", Rhino is once again a member of the Sinister Six that was organized by Master Planner and having Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter replacing Doctor Octopus and Shocker. Though Spider-Man defeats him by luring him onto the ice, Tinkerer manages to extract him at the last minute.
    • In "Accomplices" Doctor Octopus sends him to destroy a chip that contained info on creating more Rhinos. Spider-Man and Rhino had to team up to fend off Silver Sable and Hammerhead. Afterwards, Rhino attacked Spider-Man only to be knocked out by knock-out rockets launched by the cops.
    • In "Opening Night", Rhino make a cameo and his final appearance in the series as an inmate at the Vault.
  • In 2012, Rhino appears in Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, voiced by Daryl Sabara (Alex O'Hirn) and Max Mittelman (Rhino).