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Full Name: Alexander O'Hirn
First Appearance: Alex O' Hirn
Created by: Clancy Brown
Home Universe: 10
Alignment: Survival of the Fittest
Place of Birth: Earth-26496
Citizenship: Bad
Base: Alive
Height: American
Hair Color: Sinister Six
Eye Color:
Unique Features:

Alexander O'Hirn (of Earth-26496) is an ex-criminal and The Rhino.


Alex was originally a small-time crook working for the Big Man, but he and his comrade Flint Marko are constantly stopped by Spider-Man. He and Marko helped lure Spider-Man to fight Shocker and were later arrested by Spider-Man, but they were bought out by Hammerhead and O'Hirn was a guinea pig in Otto Octavius' experiment, having his skin infused with a titanium rhino armor. However, he was defeated by Spider-Man and revealed the Big Man was Mr. Lincoln.

He was imprisoned on Ryker's Island, but later freed after Electro breaks him and Sandman out of prison. They then break out the Enforcers, Octavius and Adrian Toomes and he joins the Sinister Six, but is defeated in a fight with Spider-Man in the black suit.

Rhino in the Daily Bugle.

Rhino remains with the Sinister Six but this time the team was organized by the Master Planner and having Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter replace Dr. Octopus and the Shocker. The team attacks Spider-Man again, the Rhino challenges Spider-Man alongside Sandman. The two are far too much for Spider-Man to out-fight, but Spider-Man defeats the Rhino by tricking him to walk onto the thin ice with an air tank. Due to his huge mass he cracks the ice and sinks to the bottom of the bay yet is able to breath due to the tank. The Tinkerer manages to extract the team at the last minute.

Rhino teaming up with Spider-Man

Dr. Octopus the Rhino to destroy a chip which contained the plans for more Rhino armor. Spider-Man and Rhino team up to stop Silver Sable and Hammerhead. But the truce was temporary and he again attacked Spider-Man only to be knocked out by rockets launched by the N.Y.P.D. The Rhino is later housed at the Vault, and is freed to wreak havoc by the Green Goblin. However, he was defeated by a knockout gas released by Walter Hardy and returned to his cell.

Powers & Abilities

The Rhino Armor has one fatal flaw - it obstructs the pores of the skin, meaning he had to periodically stop to re-hydrate, during the fight he had to continually drink water, or he would overheat. This was realized by Spider-Man and used it to his advantage. He realized and attacking this weakness as the Rhino was immune to every other attack. Spider-man lead the Rhino into the New York steam tunnels and broke open the pipes. Rhino could not function as he was suffering from heat exhaustion and became delusional, Rhino accidentally provides Spider-Man The Big Man's real name and then passes out.

Another weakness of the Rhino Armor is he has trouble at manipulating small objects such as elevator buttons. Although he solved this problem by asking nicely.

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