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The Amazing Spider-Man
Type: Ongoing series
Total Issues: 664

Dates published:

1963 - 2013


Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Featured: Spider-Man

Previous Volume:


Next Volume:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2

The Amazing Spider-Man is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, featuring the adventures of the fictional superhero, Spider-Man.

This series takes place in Earth-616.


Peter Parker is a young college going student who is not very much like by other youngsters who call him a "Book-Worm". Peter is always studying and likes Chemistry but also wants to be in a group but is neglected. He is loved by his grandparents, Ben and May. He is soon bitten by a radioactive spider while attending a demonstration on radiation, Peter Parker's life would never be the same. He began to feel strange after walking out of the lab. As a car moves past him he jump on the wall and is stuck there and realizes that he can climb walls and buildings. Realizing he had powers like a spider he makes web-slingers, other mechanical instruments and also weapons. He uses his powers to gain wealth and fame. One day he lets a robber get past him without taking any action and the two days later the same robber accidentally shoots Peter's grandfather, Ben, who dies of the injury. Angry, Spiderman decides that he will use his powers for doing good deeds for the society and also for earning some money. Now Peter Parker dressed in the costume of Spiderman goes out and performs stunts and wins some money but "The Daily Bugle" J. Jonah Jameson spreads news that Spiderman is a a menace to the city. Spiderman's name being used here he visits the Daily Bugle office and finds about the missile launch by Jameson's son, who is in the missile to orbit the earth. Nobody knows that the missile has a broken part and fails in mid air and comes down revolving at high speed. Spiderman rescues Jameson's son thinking that Jameson will stop blaming spiderman for nothing but Jameson takes care of his son and retaliates that Spiderman arranged this disaster. Once and for all, to clear his name spiderman visits a rooftop where he has been called by "The Chameleon".




Being the mainstream continuity (Earth-616) of the franchise, it began publication in 1963 as a monthly periodical and was published continuously until it was relaunched with a new second volume numbering order in 1999.

In 2003, the series reverted to the numbering order of the first volume. The title has occasionally been published biweekly, and was published three times a month from 2008 to 2010.

Final issue

The series ended with issue number 700.5 in late 2013, with a new, third volume debuting in April 2014.


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