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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 101.jpg
A Monster Called Morbius!
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1
Issue Number: 101

Release Date:

October, 1971

Executive Editor:

Stan Lee

Cover Artist:

Gil Kane


Roy Thomas


Gil Kane


Frank Giacoia






Stan Lee

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man #100

Next issue:

Amazing Spider-Man #102

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #101 is the 101st issue of Amazing Spider-Man.


"A Monster Called Morbius!"

  • TBA

Continuity Developments

  • Michael Morbius makes his first Earth-616 appearance.
  • In this issue, Spider-Man reveal to Curt Connors that he is Spider-Man in order to get a cure for his extra four arms problem.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • The first appearance of Morbius is what suggested and probably allowed other such characters to be created into the Marvel Universe. Such characters include Werewolf by Night, Dracula, The Living Mummy, as well as others. 
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