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Walk The Savage Land!
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 103

Release Date:

December, 1971

Executive Editor:

Stan Lee

Cover Artist:

Gil Kane


Roy Thomas


Gil Kane


Frank Giacoia

Tony Mortellaro




Stan Lee

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #102

Next issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #104


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"Walk The Savage Land!"Edit

The story begins with Spider-Man whipping a couple thugs and leaving them to the police.

J. Jonah Jameson then, is talking to the members of the Daily Bugle's staff, saying that it could be bankrupt without a major story. But inspiration comes when Jameson listens to the news, as it talks about the Savage Land, and a mysterious dinosaur that has attacked a research base. He calls Peter and asks him to come as a photographer. Peter agrees on one condition: that Gwen is allowed to come. Jameson agrees and they head to the Savage Land.

They reach Antarctica and proceed to the Savage Land. They stumble upon an idol and Jameson, thinking that it belongs to a "friend" of his, Ka-Zar, rings a gong on it. Unfortunately, the idol's worshippers, the Swamp Man, come and would have attacked the group, but the idol's lord comes and snatches Gwen. Peter shoots at it, but the bullets have no effect. He is knocked into a river and uses the oppurtunity to change into Spider-Man.

Gog takes Gwen to his master: Kraven the Hunter. When Gwen asks why she has been taken, Kraven says that every king must have a queen.

Spider-Man, who is following Gog's footprints, is attacked by a giant snake and defeats it.

Jameson, meanwhile, has met up with Ka-Zar and informs him of the situation. Ka-Zar agrees to help.

Spider-Man finds Gog, but is captured in quicksand.

Continuity DevelopmentsEdit

  • The first Earth-616 appearance by Gog is made.