Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 -1
1st Story: "Worldwide"
2nd Story: "The Last Time"
3rd Story: "Breaking Bad"
4th Story: "What to Expect"
5th Story: "Church and (Quantum) State"
6th Story: "The Cellar"
7th Story: "The Spider's Corner with Petey P."
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4
Issue Number: 1

Release Date:

October 7, 2015

Executive Editor:

Axel Alonso

Cover Artist:

Alex Ross


Dan Slott
Peter David
Robbie Thompson
Dennis Hopeless
Mike Costa
Christos Gage
Anthony Holden


Giuseppe Camuncoli
William Sliney
Stacey Lee
Javier Rodriguez
David Baldeon
Paco Diaz
Anthony Holden


Cam Smith
William Sliney
Stacey Lee
Javier Rodriguez
Scott Hanna
Paco Diaz
Anthony Holden






Nick Lowe
Devin Lewis
Anthony Holden

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1 is the 1st issue of Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 and is part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event.

Solicit Synopsis

Spider-Man has gone global! Parker Industries is more successful than ever, with offices in New York, Shanghai, London and San Francisco and Peter Parker is racking up the frequent flyer miles with his “bodyguard” Spider-Man in tow, of course. But success breeds enemies and a reinvigorated Zodiac have also widened their scope to threaten the whole world. Join Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli as they take Spider-Man to the next level! This huge first issue also includes stories featuring Silk, Spidey 2099, Spider-Woman and much more!

Shanghai Chase

The story starts with a commercial of Parker Industries, which Peter has rebuilt. PI is now a multimillion company and Peter is the CEO. Spider-Man is also the mascot of the company and is known as Peter's personal bodyguard. Peter is shown in the commercial introducing his newest piece of tech: Web-Ware. It is a highly valuable piece of equipment. The story shifts to Spider-Man and a S.H.I.E.L.D agent named Bobbi Barton, aka Mockingbird, chasing down an organization known as the Zodiac. The member Spider-Man is chasing is known as Leo, one of the high officers in The Zodiac society. Leo has stolen a piece of Web-Ware and Spider-Man is set to get it back.

He chases down Leo in Shanghai and manages to catch him with the aid of Mockingbird. Leo tries to commit suicide at first by eating a poisonous pill but Spider-Man injects him with a cure for the poison to prevent him from dying. At first Mockingbird asks if this was about Spider-Man's "no one dies around me" motto, but Spider-Man explains that he knows that goal is impossible, but he will always do the best he can to prevent death.

Spider-Man and Mockingbird return to the Shanghai Parker Industries building after catching Leo. They are then approached by some of the Shanghai scientists of PI who say they can't find Peter Parker, who has a huge meeting in ten minutes. Spider-Man says he'll find the "boss" and let him know. He steps into an elevator and quickly changes back into Peter Parker. 

Peter announces at the press conference that he'll be opening the Ben Parker Foundation for Children. The public questions his methods but Peter knows it's the right thing to do. He then returns to the U.S. afterwards.


On his flight back to the U.S., Peter is on the phone with Hobie Brown aka Prowler. One of the flight attendants asks if it's just Peter today and he says yes, he sent Spider-Man on ahead of him. Hobie says that's a lie, that Peter has him running around as Spider-Man. Peter explains to Hobie that he needs Hobie to act as Spider-Man so his enemies don't suspect anything, and mainly to throw them off guard. Peter then tells Hobie that he's attending Max Modell's wedding and says that Hobie is welcome if he wants to come. After talk of overtime, Peter convinced Hobie to come.

Wedding Crashers

Peter and Hobie both arrive at Max's wedding, and Peter describes how he is proud of Max's strength and how he's a great friend. Peter congratulates Max and then offers a dance to Sajoni. She figures at first that Peter wants to small talk, and even thinks at some point that he's hitting on her. However, Peter informs her that he knows it was her that let Ghost infiltrate Parker Industries the first time and tells her if it happens again, she's finished. 

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