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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 29
Secret Empire - Part One: Rightful Ruler
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4
Issue Number: 29

Release Date:

June 28, 2017

Executive Editor:

Axel Alonso

Cover Artist:

Alex Ross


Dan Slott


Stuart Immonen


Wade von Grawbadger




Nick Lowe

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #28

Next issue:

Secret Empire #0 (story)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #30 (title)

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #29 is the 29th issue of Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 and part of the Secret Empire event.

Solicit SynopsisEdit


  • As revealed in ASM #25, Otto Octavius is back as THE SUPERIOR OCTOPUS!!!
  • And Ock has a mission to take down the company that he helped create: PARKER INDUSTRIES!!!
  • Does Spider-Man stand a chance?