Mayhem (April Parker - Mayday Parker Clone)

Full Name: April Parker
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Girl Vol. 1 #20
Created by: Tom Defalco, Ron Frenz
Home Universe: Earth-982
Alignment: Good
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: Castle Osborn, Switzerland
Citizenship: American
Base: New York City, New York
Affiliations: Spider-Girl (May Parker); formerly Green Goblin
Height: 5' 7" (Variable)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Hair Color: Brown, (Variable)
Eye Color: Blue, (Variable)
Unique Features: Claws

April Parker (of Earth-982) also called Mayhem, or, as she is also commonly called is a genetically engineered clone of Mayday Parker created by Norman Osborn (Earth-982) before his death.



She had 35% of her original DNA replaced with DNA strands duplicated from a sample of the deceased Venom Symbiote. She was grown in a cloning apparatus for 16 years, aging naturally, rather than being force-grown. The symbiote part of her DNA lacks a consciousness, and thus she does not have to deal with the strain of having two consciousnesses inhabiting one body, or the symbiote conscioussness trying to influence her mind.

Powers & Abilities

April Parker possesses elements from both parts of her DNA.

  • She possesses superhuman strength sufficient enough to be able to lift 10 tons. She can leap several stories high and has reflexes heightened to levels well beyond that of an ordinary human.
  • Her healing factor is about the same as Spider-Man's. She can adhere to almost any surface (known as Wall-Crawling)
  • She possesses a "Spider-Sense", a clairvoyance that warns her of danger that is somewhat more powerful and reliable than her father's. It tells her the direction a threat is coming from with a high level of accuracy.
  • Through intensive training, she learned to fight blindfolded using only her spider-sense. She can use it to spot weaknesses in an opponent and use them to her advantage.
  • She can also sense mundane threats or observations like Spider-Man, but unlike him, she can use it to sense deception. She also shares Peter's ability to produce her own, organic spider webbing.
  • Mayhem shares the Venom Symbiote's abilities of is transforming to mimic any human being or article of clothing imaginable, communicating with telepathy and not requiring physical contact to influence the minds of others, and the ablity to blend with any background, using an optic-camouflage type of effect.
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