The "Avengers" title may pertain to any of the following:





  • Avengers - the Earth's premier superhero team who combat the threats that no one hero can do alone.

X-Men Forever

Undead Avengers

2099 A.D.


  • A-Next - the next generation of Avengers continuing the legacy of the originals.


  • Avengers - a team formed by Nick Fury to track down and apprehend Captain America.


Ultron-10A destroyed all Heroes

Days of Future Now


  • Ape-Vengers - premier superhero team of the Monkeyverse.

All Avengers stayed with the team

Worldwide superhuman registration

Legacy Virus merged with Warlock

'No More Powers'


Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion

Heroes lost World War Hulk

Last Gun on Earth

Age of X

Numerous uncoordinated invasions

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe

Soldiers of Project Echelon took over the country

Defenders of the Galaxy

Marvel Adventures

Zombies discover Apes

Cap Helped Disassemble The Avengers

Venom Symbiote physically bonded to Flash Thompson

Spidey Super Stories

House of M

Age of Ultron

Iron Man's armor made public

Fantastic Four: The End

Spider-Man never became crime-fighter

Spider-Man retained Uni-Power

Artume-ruled reality

Punisher became Captain America

Apes World was invaded

Avengers all had beards

Jessica Jones: Avenger

New York remained a Savage Land

Heroes for Hire Inc., Multinational

Spider-Man went on a murder spree

Peter Parker never existed


What If? AvX

Superior Spider-Man: Identity Revealed

Steve Rogers's demise leads to Frank Castle becoming Captain America

Superior Spider-Man went back and mentored Otto Octavius on how to be a hero






Wolverine and the X-Men & Avengers: EMH!
  • Avengers - a team of Earth's mightiest heroes who protect the Earth and recapture escaped criminals.
Animated Age of Apocalypse
  • Avengers - a taskforce of superhuman mutant hunters.
Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble & Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
  • Avengers - a team made up of Earth's premier heroes who deal with deal with threats which no single superhero could withstand.

Video Games


Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

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