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Founder(s): HYDRA
Leader(s): HYDRA Supreme

Current members:


Former members:

Black Ant, Deadpool, Odinson, Chthon/Scarlet Witch, Superior Octopus, Taskmaster, Vision


Alignment: Bad
Universe: Earth-616



First appearance:

Secret Empire #1
Creators: Nick Spencer
Steve McNiven

The Avengers (of Earth-616) were a team of super-powered individuals who were assembled by HYDRA to protect the people of America from any force that threated them and to help further HYDRA's corrupt agenda.


In the months following their takeover of America, HYDRA's leadership began to realize that by neutralizing most of America's superhero population, they had left their new empire vulnerable to many threats that the superheroes would normally have taken care of. To rectify this oversight, the HYDRA Supreme assembled a group super-powered individuals who either willingly or unwillingly served HYDRA into a new Avengers team. For this new team he chose the mercenaries Black Ant and Taskmaster, the magic wielding Scarlet Witch (who had been possessed by the Demon Chthon), the ghostly Vision (who was being controlled by an A.I. virus created by Arnim Zola), the unworthy Odinson (who had been deceived into thinking that HYDRA would rescue the new Thor Jane Foster from her prison in exchange for helping them), the merc with a mouth Deadpool (who was tricked into thinking his idol Captain America supported HYDRA's regime) and the criminal mastermind Otto Octavius to serve as the "heroes" of HYDRA's new America.

The team's first mission was to help the HYDRA Supreme in preventing the citizens of Denver, Colorado from the being devoured by the recently awakened Krigorrath.

Their next mission was to help recover the pieces of the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik. After the first fragment was discovered in Atlantis, the Avengers assisted Baron Zemo in attacking the Atlantean temple where the piece was stored. After a long and bloody battle, Otto determined that the fragment was a fake making all their efforts futile.

Shortly after this, another Cosmic Cube piece was discovered in the Ultronic Territories ruled by the fusion of Ultron and his creator Hank Pym. Anticipating that the Underground would also try to get the fragment in the Ultronic Territories, the HYDRA Supreme personally lead the Avengers in their mission to recover it, but were unable to keep it from falling into the Underground's hands.

Later, when the followers of the Mutant rebel leader Sunfire attempted to break their leader out of prison, the Avengers were deployed to the Mutant republic of New Tian to assist the local law enforcement in preventing his escape.

Once Sunfire's escape was prevented, the Avengers were sent to capture a team of rebellious Inhumans led by the ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Quake, but were unable to arrest Quake's team.

After what was believed to be the final cube fragment was recovered, HYDRA launched a full scale assault on the Underground's headquarters in order to recover their pieces of the cube with the Avengers leading the charge. While HYDRA was successful in recovering the Underground's cube fragments and destroying the Underground's headquarters they were unable to eradicate the rebel movement due to the Odinson secretly helping them to escape before their headquarters was destroyed.

With the hunt for the Cosmic Cube fragments over and the Underground's threat seemingly ended, HYDRA reassigned the Avengers overseas to help defend Hydra assets in foreign territories including a worldwide network of automated signal-boost outposts that maintained the Planetary Defense Shield keeping Earth's most powerful heroes, such as Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy, trapped in orbit around the Earth.

Unfortunately, the team began to crumble when HYDRA needed them most as Deadpool came to the realization that he had been lied to about HYDRA being the good guys and quit the team to help Maria Hill bring down the man he once idolized. The team was weakened further during the Underground's final assault against HYDRA when the Odinson decided to assist the Underground in overthrowing HYDRA after realizing that saving Jane Foster wasn't worth the sacrifice of so many innocent lives as well as the Vision being freed from the virus' control by his daughter Viv and the Scarlet Witch being freed from Chthon's possession by Doctor Strange resulting in the loss of the Avengers three most powerful members. Seeing that the tide was turning in the Underground's favor, Taskmaster and Black Ant chose to help free a group of young heroes currently in HYDRA's custody rather then help defend HYDRA in a failed attempt to endear themselves to their enemies leaving Otto as the group's only member still loyal to HYDRA.

It is currently unknown if the team is still active following HYDRA's defeat and the liberation of the American people, but is most likely defunct due to the defection of most of the team's members.





Each member's personal equipment.


Each member's personal arsenal.

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