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Avengers Academy (Earth-616)
Avengers Academy
Founder(s): Captain Steve Rogers
Leader(s): Giant-Man

Current members:


Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Hercules, Jocasta, Tigra

Students: Batwing, Butterball, Finesse, Fiona, Hazmat, Hollow, Lightspeed, Loa, Ricochet, She-Hulk, Striker, Thunderstrike, Turbo, Wiz Kid

Former members:


Justice, Quicksilver, Speedball

Students: Hybrid, Juston Seyfert, Machine Teen, Mettle, Power Man, Reptil, Rocket Racer, Spider-Girl, Veil, White Tiger, X-23


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Avengers Compound, Los Angeles, California; formerly Infinite Avengers Mansion

First appearance:

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Creators: Christos N. Gage, Mike McKone

Avengers Academy (of Earth-616) is a division of the Avengers designed to train the next generation of Avengers.



"Heroic Age

"Fear Itself"

"Shattered Heroes"

"Avengers vs. X-Men"

"Final Exam"



Avengers Academy Instructors

The Instructors



  • Batwing - Human/Bat hybrid.
  • Butterball - Invulnerable
  • Finesse - Photographic fighter. All Head, no heart.
  • Hazmat - Human toxic spill. Caustic personality.
  • Hollow - Red diamond form, claws.
  • Lightspeed - Able to fly, looking to be more grounded.
  • Loa
  • Mettle - Steel-skinned powerhouse. Armored shell protecting inner feelings
  • Power Man - Hard skin, chi absorption and manipulation.
  • Reptil - Dinosaur morpher. Future hero, or parts naive optimist?
  • Ricochet - Mutant with agility, reflexes, a danger sense and throwing disks.
  • Juston Seyfert - Pilots his best friend, a Sentinel robot. Human relations need some work.
  • She-Hulk - The Hulk's daughter from an alternate timeline, looking for a place in this world.
  • Spider-Girl - Spider-Man like powers, has own webbing.
  • Striker - Electric dynamo. Self-promotes through shock tactics.
  • Thunderstrike - Magic hammer, like his father.
  • Turbo - High tech suit: Super speed, wind bursts.
  • White Tiger - Powered by mystical amulet, fueled by family pride.
  • Wiz Kid - Mutant tech guru
  • X-23 - Female clone of Wolverine searching for her soul.



  • Jocasta
  • Justice
  • Speedball


  • Spider-Man teaches at Avengers Academy

    Spider-Man teaching a class.

    Hybrid - banished from Earth
  • Machine Teen - Left to join Briggs Chemical LLC
  • Rocket Racer - Left to join Briggs Chemical LLC
  • Veil - Variable gas generator. Unseen potential... until she discorporates. Left to join Briggs Chemical LLC.

Guest Instructors

The academy has a full-time staff of instructors, but from time to time, the staff will call upon members of other Avengers teams to be guest instructors.


  • Reptil is the only member of the original class of students to not first appear in Avengers Academy #1.

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