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Avengers Unity Division
Founder(s): Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Leader(s): Rogue; formerly Havok, Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Current members:

Cable, Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver, Rogue, Synapse, Wasp

Former members:

Havok, Odinson, Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Sunfire, Vision, Wolverine, Wonder Man, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Stingray


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Schaefer Theater, Manhattan, New York City, New York; formerly Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York

First appearance:

Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #1
Creators: Rick Remender, John Cassaday

"Back on Utopia, you were right about one thing: The Avengers should've done more to help mutants. I should've done more. I allowed the world to hate and fear them for far too long. I won't make that mistake again."
— Captain America

The Avengers Unity Division (of Earth-616), also known as the Uncanny Avengers, is a team of Avengers formed by Captain America following the war between the Avengers and the X-Men who serve as a symbol of peaceful co-existence between Humans, Mutants and Inhumans.



Following the war between the Avengers and X-Men, Captain America came to the realization that he and many of his fellow Avengers should have been more proactive role in helping to end the hatred and prejudice against Mutants. With fear and hatred of Mutants on the rise due to the actions of the Phoenix Five, Steve decided that the best way he could try to make up for lost time was to form a new Avengers team that would consist of both Humans and Mutants so that it could serve as a shining example co-operation between the 2 species.

To join him on this new Avengers team, Steve selected fellow Avenger Thor and the X-Man Havok who Steve intended to make the leader of the group, so that Havok would become the new symbol for Mutantkind just as Cyclops and Professor Xavier once were.

Rise of the S-Men

The team's original roster.

The first major threat to co-existence between Humans and Mutants the group had to deal with was a new Red Skull who was revealed to be a clone of the original Red Skull created during World War II that was activated following the original's demise. After reviewing the world's history following the end of the World War 2, the Red Skull clone came to believe that Mutants were now the greatest threat to his plans of world conquest.

In order to eliminate the threat that the Mutants posed to his plan, the Red Skull dug up the body of the now deceased Professor Xavier in order to surgically fuse his brain with a portion of Xavier's brain, so that he might gain Xavier's formidable psychic powers.

After gaining the psychic powers of Professor Xavier, the Red Skull then formed his own version of Xavier's X-Men comprised of super-powered individuals that share his views on Mutants that he mockingly dubbed the S-Men.

As the first strike in his anti-Mutant campaign, the Red Skull and his S-Men attacked New York City as it had one of the biggest Mutant populations in the world. Once there, the Red Skull used his new telepathic powers to provoke the citizens of New York into attacking any known Mutants and any children with the chance of developing Mutant powers due to their lineage.

The mass rioting caused by the Red Skull and his S-Men drew the attention of the newly formed Avengers Unity Division who quickly jumped into action to quell the rioting. Unfortunately, the Avengers soon ran into trouble while fighting the S-Men as the Red Skull and Honest John used their respective powers to force Thor and the recently recruited Mutants Rogue and Scarlet Witch into attacking their allies and allowing themselves to be attacked.

Luckily for the Avengers, the Red Skull hadn't yet learned to fully master his new telepathic powers which caused him to have difficulty controlling so many people at once which allowed Rogue and the Scarlet Witch to eventually break free from the Red Skull's control. With their full roster now restored, the Avengers were able to overpower the S-Men forcing the Red Skull and his allies to retreat with the Red Skull vowing to return and have his revenge.

Following the battle with the S-Men, Steve recruited the former Avengers Wasp and Wonder Man; and the Mutant hero Sunfire into their ranks, so that they might be better prepared for the Red Skull's return and any future threats.

The Apocalypse Twins

The team's second roster.

The next major threat to co-existence between Humans and Mutants came in the form of the Apocalypse Twins, who abducted the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man as part of a plan to wipe out the Human race while also ensuring the survival of Earth's Mutant population.

After successfully abducting them, the Apocalypse Twins tried to convince the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man that the Earth was facing immanent destruction at the hands of the Celestial Exitar and that the only way to save the people of Earth was for Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man to use their combined powers to transport them to an ark that the Twins created, so that could take everyone to safety on another planet.

Unbeknownst to the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man, the Apocalypse Twins were the ones who put the Mutants in danger by using Thor's axe Jarnbjorn to kill a Celestial and framed the inhabitants of Earth for the murder, so that Exitar the Executioner would destroy the Human race and to create a situation that would force the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man into helping them create a Mutant utopia free from Humans.

What the twins didn't anticipate though was that the Scarlet Witch anticipated that Twins would try to double cross them and leave everyone else behind while taking only the Mutants to safety, so the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man planned a little double cross of their own and summoned their X-Men allies to help them defeat the Apocalypse Twins instead of complying with their request.

However, their plan would have failed and the Earth would have been destroyed resulting in the death of Scarlet Witch and Rogue while also leaving the Wasp as the only member of the Human race to survive Earth's destruction. In order to prevent their future from coming to past, the surviving members of the Avengers Unity Division sent their memories of the events leading to this dystopian future back in time into the minds of their present day selves.

Using the knowledge gained from their future selves, the Avengers located where the twins were holding their teammates informed them of the consequences that their actions will create if they went through with their plan. The Avengers then realized that the only way to defeat the twins was to stop Exitar from attacking the Earth. To accomplish this, Rogue absorbed the powers of nearly every member of the X-Men and the Avengers and used their combined might to stall Exitar long enough for Thor to retrieve Jarnbjorn from the Twins and use the axe's power to kill Exitar.

The Avengers vs. Hang the Conqueror

After vanquishing Exitar, the Avengers returned their attention to the Apocalypse Twins and a battle quickly ensued. During their fight, the Twin's time travel blocking Tachyon Dam was destroyed which allowed Kang and his Chrono Corps to join the fight. Kang then revealed that he was the one who helped the Avengers' future selves to avert their dystopian, so that he gain the power of the now deceased Exitar through the absorption of his blood.

With his new god-like powers, Kang easily bested the Avengers and the Apocalypse Twins and would have destroyed them if not for the intervention of Infinity Watch. With the help of Infinity Watch, the Avengers quickly turned the tide of the battle in their favor. The finishing blow came at the hands of Sunfire and Havok who used their combined power to defeat Kang. Forcing Kang and his Chrono Corps to flee to an unknown point in time with Infinity Watch in hot pursuit.

With the twins and Kang defeated, the Avengers celebrated their victory except for Rogue who realized that her powers have become unstable again due to her absorbing to many powers at once during the battle with Exitar and Wonder Man whose consciousness was now trapped inside Rogue's mind as a result of him transferring his powers to Rogue.


"Jail Break!"

Just as he said he would, the Red Skull returned with a new plan to eradicate the Mutant race that incorporated same genocidal methods that the Nazis once tried to use to eradicate the Jewish people. Basing himself off of the former Mutant capital of Genosha, The Red Skull and his S-Men kidnapped Mutants from all over the world, including Havok, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch; and interred them in concentration camps he constructed.

Luckily, as a result of Rogue permanently absorbing the powers of Wonder Man, the Avengers were able to quickly break free from their prison while also freeing their fellow captive Magneto.

Once free, the escaped Mutants engaged the Red Skull and his S-Men, so they might stop his plans for Mutant extermination, but the battle soon took a turn for the worst when Magneto brutally murdered the Red Skull which caused the entity known as Onslaught to reemerge from the part of Professor Xaiver's brain grafted to the Red Skull's brain. Onslaught then proceeded to fuse with the Red Skull to become the Red Onslaught.

The battle soon turned in the favor of the Red Skull as his transformation allowed him to easily overpower his opponents and he would have succeeded in destroying them if not for the arrival of the remaining Avengers, both teams of X-Men, and allies of both teams.

To counter these newly arrived heroes, the Red Skull unleashed a new bread of Sentinel that the Red Skull had mind-controlled Iron Man creating known as the Star Sentinels. Realizing that the they were no match for the combined might of the Red Onslaught and the Red Sentinels, the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom used they combined magical abilities to invert the axis of Skull's brain, so that the last remaining fragment of Professor Xavier's consciousness still present in the Red Skull's brain could take control of the Red Skull's body and stop the Red Onslaught's rampage.

The inversion spell worked the Red Skull reverted to his original form and collapsed into unconsciousness. What no one had realized at the time was that the inversion spell also affected everyone present on the island and as a result all their minds were inverted as well causing the heroes to become evil and the villains to become good. This resulted in the now evil Avengers deciding to take the Red Skull prisoner before it could be confirmed if Xavier's consciousness was in control or not driving a wedge between the Avengers and X-Men who saw the incarceration of their founder as a declaration of war against the Mutant race. With the lines now drawn, each member of the Avengers Unity Division took a side and disbanded the team.


The team's third roster.

After the Astonishing Avengers stopped the inverted heroes from destroying each other and using a reinversion spell to return everyone to normal, it was decided that the Avengers Unity Division should be re-formed as the conflict between the inverted X-Men and Avengers had severely weakened the world's faith in the idea of Human/Mutant co-existence.

Unfortunately, due to events that occurred during the conflict between the inverted heroes, many of the teams previous members couldn't or outright refused to re-join. The only veteran members that agreed to re-join were Rogue and the Scarlet Witch. To help fill out the teams ranks, Rogue and Scarlet Witch recruited the recently reformed villain Sabertooth, the veteran Avenger Vision, the recently revived Doctor Voodoo and his ghostly brother Daniel Drumm; the Captain America Sam Wilson, and the Mutant hero Quicksilver.

Shortly after the team's revival, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were abducted by the High Evolutionary forcing Rogue to lead her new team on a rescue mission to Counter-Earth in order to save their captured teammates.

During their search for their missing teammates, the Avengers became scattered across Counter-Earth with each member finding themselves in a unique predicament. Captain America was trapped and assimilated by tree-like creatures, Vision found himself in a technological city where he met an android named Eve, Rogue was found and experimented on by the Master Scientist who expunged Wonder Man consciousness from her, Doctor Voodoo appeared in a destroyed city inhabited by the souls of those killed in the High Evolutionary's search for genetic perfection, and Sabretooth appeared in one of Counter-Earth's major cities where he was quickly captured by the New Men and subsequently brainwashed into obeying the High Evolutionary.

While their teammates each dealt with their own problems, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were rescued by the Low Evolutionary refuge in Low Town. There he revealed to them that he was the leader of a resistance movement composed of the High Evolutionary's rejects that sought to over through the High Evolutionary and quickly convinced Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver into aiding their cause. Before they could assist the resistance in their plans however; Luminous, a being the High Evolutionary created using the DNA of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, raided the resistance's hideout and recaptured her progenitors for her creator.

The Avengers vs. the New Men

Once they were back in the High Evolutionary's clutches, he revealed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch weren't actually the Mutant children of Magneto as they had originally though, but were actually the children of Django and Marya Maximoff that the High Evolutionary had kidnaped as babies and genetically modified. Shortly following this revelation, the twins escaped and rejoined their teammate Rogue in defending Lowtown from the High Evolutionary's forces.

As the battle went on, more of their teammates joined them in defending Lowtown with Sabretooth braking free from the Evolutionary's control and Captain America breaking free from the tree that had assimilated him. The Vision later the battle after having abandoned Eve and saved Scarlet Witch from Luminous. The tide of the battle finally turned in the favor of the Avengers when Doctor Voodoo joined the fight and used the souls of the those the High Evolutionary had exterminated to deal a mortal blow to the High Evoltutionary. The battle finally ended with the Avengers' victor after Quicksilver delivered the final blow forcing the High Evolutionary and his creation Luminous into fleeing through a portal to an unknown location.

With their team now whole again and Counter-Earth freed from the High Evolutionary's terrene, the Avengers Unity Division returned to Earth.

All-New, All-Different Marvel

The team's fourth roster.

During the 8 months following the restoration of the Multiverse, Steve Rogers decided to make numerous changes to the way the Avengers Unity Division did things.

Firstly, Steve severed all the teams connections to the government, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Iron Man; so that the team couldn't be used as pawns in anyone's agenda. Secondly, due to the recent increased in the Inhuman population, Steve decided to recruit the new Inhuman hero Synapse and the Inhuman ambassador Johnny Storm to represent the Inhumans. Thirdly, Steve recruited the mercenary Deadpool because he felt that Deadpool had earned a place on the team after recently helping Steve to save Rogue and because Steve hoped to capitalize on Deadpool's recent popularity to improve the team's reputation and to help maintain the financial independence of their team through the selling of Deadpool merchandise. Steve also convinced his fellow Avenger Spider-Man to join the team.

This newest incarnation of the Avengers Unity Division was soon tested by the recently returned Super-Adaptoid. The Adaptoid held the upper hand in the fight until Deadpool, on a whim, let the Adaptoid copy his powers. The Adaptoid's decision to copy Deadpool's powers proved to be its undoing as it also copied Deadpool's cancer causing the Adaptoid's organic components to become riddled with disease and the android going into a berserk state before expiring.

After the battle ended, Spider-Man scolded Deadpool for being reckless enough to allow the Adaptoid to absorb his powers on a whim as the android could have easily become invincible if not for the cancer killing it. Despite the Human Torch's attempt to defuse the situation, Spider-Man refused to continue to work with he hero as reckless as Deadpool and offered Steve an ultimatum, either he kicks Deadpool off the team or he quits. While the other members welcomed the idea of Deadpool not being on the team anymore, Steve refused to kick him off the team reminding them that Deadpool had earned his place on the team many times over and that the money obtained from selling Deadpool merchandise was allowing them to stay financially independent. While he respected Steve's reasons for wanting to keep Deadpool on the team, Spider-Man still refused to work with Deadpool anymore resulting in his resignation from the team much to the dismay of the team's other members, especially the Human Torch.

Following Spider-Man's departure from the team, the team encountered a slew of new threats in the form of the Shredded Man who planned to use his new Inhuman powers to wipe out the Human race, so the world could become a paradise for plants, Ultron who had returned to Earth posing as Steve's former teammate Hank Pym, and the Black Knight whose lack of control over the Ebony Blade threatened the safety of all life on Earth.

After the recruitment of Cable and Wasp into the team, Steve revealed that the true reason he for all the recent changes to the team was for the purpose of retrieving Professor X's brain from the Red Skull, but before they could begin the process of requiring the brain, the team got drawn into the Pleasant Hill debacle and, after seeing the horrible things S.H.I.E.L.D. was doing to the villains incarcerated in Pleasant Hill, decide to sideline theirs retrieval plans to expose the moral corruption in S.H.I.E.L.D..

Civil War II

Main article: Civil War II (Event)

"Avengers No More"

During the second superhero civil war, Cable enlisted the help of the Mutant criminals Sebastian Shaw and Toad into helping him break into a military facility in order to acquire chemicals that could be used to create an antidote to the M-Pox disease that millions of Mutants were afflicted with due to exposure to the Terrigen Mists.

The illegitimacy of this action combined with the involvement of other Unity Squad members like Rogue and Deadpool prompted Captain America to dissolve the team, deeming it a failure.

The Avengers vs. the Hulk

Even though the team had been officially disbanded, the discovery of Bruce Banner's body being stolen by the Hand made the team want to conduct one last mission together in order to stop their fallen friend's body from being used for evil. Even with the help of the former leader of the Hand, Elektra, the heroes failed to stop the Hand from using their dark magic to resurrect Bruce as a mindless, rage-fueled Hulk.

When it became obvious that they couldn't stop the Hulk with brute force, Doctor Voodoo used his magic to make contact with the demon worshipped by the Hand and struck a deal with him offering the soul of his brother Daniel, who was recently revealed to be a double agent for the Hand, to the demon in exchange for freeing the Bruce from the Hand's control which the Demon accepted.

With the Hand defeated and Bruce's spirit freed from The Hand's corruptive influence, the team realized that the world still needed the Avengers Unity Division agreed to continue working together regardless of whether or not they had Steve Roger's approval.






  • Deadsled
  • Quinjet


Each members' personal arsenal

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