The Beetle Armor MK II is an armor created by both Abner Jenkins and Phineas Mason for the purpose of villianess activities.

First appearance was in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #58.


After the Beetle Armor MK I was destoryed by Iron Man, Phineas and Abner collaberated to make a new, advanced armor. This armor was further improved by Justin Hammer using stolen Iron Man tech and as such made him a target by Tony Stark during the first Armor Wars. 


The suit was destroyed by one of Stark's Negator Packs.

Powers and abilities


  • Discharges: This version of the suit was now capable of projecting electrical discharges dubbed as "Electro-Bites". 
  • Suction Cups: This version of the Beetle Armor still has the suction cups on the fingers to stick to walls, however the fingers were shortened to normal finger length. 
  • Flight: The suit was now capable of faster flight.
  • Enhanced Strength: The suit gave the user strength that of beyond a regular human.


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