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"There is a war underway between two separate forces: The Ivory Kings and Rabum Alal. From what I have witnessed they both want the same thing -- and it is the same reason you are here -- the destruction of everything."
— Dr. Strange

The Beyonders, also known as the Ivory Kings, the Sinnu Sarrum, the Lords of the White Light and the White Lords from Wild Space; are a near omnipotent alien race that hail from a dimension that exists outside of the Multiverse.

The Beyonders are a naturally curious race and frequently conduct experiments involving the denizens of the Multiverse.


The first known instance of the Beyonders interacting with beings outside their dimension was roughly 200 million years ago when they commissioned an ancient alien known as Nuwali to create an area known as the Savage Land on the planet that would come to be known as Earth as part of a series of planetary "game preserves", so they could study the process of evolution.

Many millions of years later, the Beyonders hired an alien named Sphinxor to steal a planet from his native reality known as Counter-Earth, so they could have it as an exhibit in their Museum of Curiosities.

The origin of the Cosmic Cubes

During one of their experiments conducted on the inhabitants of Earth's dimension, the Beyonders created interdimensional portals linking their dimension with Earth's and released vast amounts of an unknown cosmic energy into Earth's dimension in order to see how the beings living in Earth's dimension would use this new form of energy. Eventually various individuals figured out that this new form of energy could be entrapped within a matrix of force fields that formed a perfect cube. These newly created cubic sources of cosmic energy would come to be known as "Cosmic Cubes". Unbeknownst to their creators however, rather than having created a new source of power or a reality warping weapon, they had actually created a new form of life as each Cosmic Cube was actually a living being in embryonic form. Over time the cubes would develop their own consciousness patterned after the beings whom it has had mental and/or physical contact with. Once the cubes had mentally matured, they would create a humanoid form for themselves that would allow them independent will and action. The most infamous of these sentient Cosmic Cubes was the being known as the Beyonder, who in many ways, emulated the original Beyonders even going so far as to unknowingly name himself after them. This has lead certain individuals to believe that the beings created in this manner are actually the infant stage of the Beyonder species.

Their most recent experiment conducted on the inhabitants of the Multiverse would also be their most significant. After observing the various realities that composed the Multiverse, they began to wonder what would happen if every reality just suddenly disappeared. In order to facilitate this outcome, the Beyonders caused the accident that turned Owen Reece into the Molecule Man. The result of this interference in Owen's life turned him into a multiversal bomb which meant that each reality was now inhabited by an identical version of Molecule Man that when killed at a precise moment would facilitate the destruction of the universe that said Molecule Man inhabited. By killing all of the Molecule Men across all of creation simultaneously, the Beyonders would be able to create an explosion large enough to cause the entire Multiverse to collapse in on itself.

Unfortunately for the Beyonders, their plan was eventually discovered by the being known as Rabum Alal. Rabum Alal, with the help of the Molecule Man of his native universe, discovered that by killing a Molecule Man before he could reach critical mass it would decrease the destructive force of the Beyonders' Multiversal bomb. Ten years and many Molecule Men deaths later, the Beyonders began to realize that someone was tampering with their experiment. In order to find the culprit behind this and prevent more interference, the Beyonders created the Mapmakers and the Sidera Maris to chart worlds where the Molecule Men had died, mark the movements of Rabum Alal's disciples the Black Swans, seeding sacrifice worlds, and preserving future incursion worlds. This conflict between the forces of the Beyonders and Rabum Alal's forces would come to be known as the Game of Worlds.

The Beyonders vs the Living Tribunal

Eventually other Cosmic Beings that existed within the Multiverse became aware of what the Beyonders were planning and tried to reverse the damage that the Beyonders had caused. In order to prevent any further interference in their plans, the Beyonders began systematically wiping out ever version of ever cosmic being who had the power to stop them across every reality culminating in the defeat and destruction of the being whose job it is to maintain the natural order of the Multiverse, the Living Tribunal.

Once they had finished wiping out all the cosmic beings that opposed them, they turned their attention to the various mortals that had been actively investigating the cause of all this multiversal chaos. The first of these groups to fall was the Captain Britain Corps who had constructed a beacon out of one of the Beyonder's fallen Mapmakers in order to lure the Beyonders to the Corps' headquarters so that the Captain Britain Corps could end the crisis one and for all. Unfortunately for the Captain Britain Corps, they severely underestimated the strength of their enemies' forces resulting in the Corps' complete annihilation in only a matter of hours. The next group to fall were the beings who seeded life throughout the Multiverse known as the Builders, who traveled to the Beyonders' home dimension to stop the destruction of all they had created. Unfortunately, like the Captain Britain Corps before them, the Builders were greatly outmatched and quickly eradicated.

Thor and Hyperion vs the Beyonders

The last of these groups to attempt to challenge the Beyonders were Sunspot's team of Avengers who succeeded in killing the 2 Beyonders guarding the entrance to the Beyonders' dimension, but were quickly wiped out when the rest of the Beyonders descended upon them en masse.

When it seemed as though the Beyonders couldn't be stopped, their longtime enemy Rabum Alal, who revealed himself to be none other then Doctor Doom, appeared at their doorstep along with the Molecule Man and his newest ally Doctor Strange in order to make one final stand against them. Doom revealed to the Beyonders that he had secretly spared some of the Molecule Men, so that he could use the very weapon the Beyonders created to destroy all life in the Multiverse to destroy them instead. Doom's plan succeeded in destroying the Beyonders, but an unforeseen consequence of the bomb's detination caused the number of surviving realities to dwindle from thousands to mere dozens. In order to save as much of what remianed of the Multiverse as possible, Molecule Man used himself as a conduit for the cosmic energies realesed by the Beyonders destruction and transferred the Beyonders' collective power to Doctor Doom, so that Doom could salvage the remains of several realities and build a patchwork planet called Battleworld.

Powers & Abilities


A Beyonder easily ripping off Thor's arm

The power possessed by the Beyonders seems to dwarf all other beings in existence, with the exception of the One-Above-All, as the Beyonders were able to defeat and subsequently destroy every incarnation of every cosmic being that ruled over existence within a matter of months.

A single Beyonder has been shown to be powerful enough to defeat Thor, Hyperion and Starbrand, who are considered 3 of Earth's most powerful heroes, without showing any sign of difficulty or injury up until the point that Starbrand self-destructed.


Despite their overwhelming might, the Beyonders are not invincible as they have been shown to be vulnerable to displays of overwhelming force as Starbrand's self-detonation upon his demise, was successful in destroying a Beyonder.

The biggest flaw that the Beyonders possess is that they are constrained and restricted to their own sequential timeline making it impossible for them to travel through time.

At some unknown point in the past, Earth-4290001's Great Society encountered a lone Beyonder and somehow survived. Whether they actually defeated the Beyonder or simply survived the encounter is still unknown.


  • It was hypothesized by Loki that Those Who Sit Above in Shadow are actually Beyonders that use the energies released from Ragnarök to escape their own destruction.
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