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Brand New Day is both the name of a storyline following Peter Parker's life after returning to fight crime again as Spider-Man after the events of the Civil War and the One More Day storyline by Marvel Comics.

Takes places in Earth-616.


The Brand New Day title was published on the Amazing Spider-Man issues numbers #546 - 564, however the Brand New Day is referred to in issues #546 - 647 (102 issues).



After the events of "One More Day", Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson has been erased. Spider-Man's secret identity has been forgotten by everyone, including people who knew his identity before his public unmasking such as Mary Jane, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Aunt May and so on.

Harry Osborn is found alive. It is discovered that he has been living in Europe for several years.

Aunt May is also alive and well and volunteers in a homeless shelter.

Also, some people can somewhat recall that Spider-Man unmasked himself during the events of Civil War, however, they do not remember whose face it was.

Brand New Day[]

Spider-Man has not been seen for one hundred days because of the Superhuman Registration Act. Peter Parker is living at Aunt May's house while he searches for an affordable housing for himself.

Here it is established that Mary Jane and Peter were in a long-term relationship, but things ended badly, and their relationship is now alright at best. As far as Peter (or anyone else) remembers, he and Mary Jane did not get married, but were a couple since the day of the "aborted wedding".

After awhile, Peter decides to go to the Daily Bugle, to discover that the Daily Bugle is suffering from many financial difficulties. J. Jonah Jameson suffers a heart attack, due to stress.

Robbie Robertson asks Peter to do what he can to get pictures of Spider-Man since he believes would boost circulation, which convinces Peter to return to fighting crime as Spider-Man. Soon after, Robbie gets on top of everything since Dexter Bennett, a celebrity businessman, comes to tell Robbie that he has bought all of J. Jonah Jameson's Daily Bugle shares and is now running operations.

At one point, Spider-Man asks, "Do I know you?", Mary Jane says, "We've met. In another life." Spider-Man is not aware it is Mary Jane he is speaking to since she is covering up her identity as her current boyfriend's (film star Bobby Carr) tells her to do. However, in "One Moment In Time" it seems neither Mary Jane or Peter, remember the deal.

After battling new supervillain called Menace, Peter thinks that Harry might have returned to the mask as the Green Gobin, but Harry's new girlfriend, Lily Hollister, says, and thinks otherwise.


  • The events of Brand New Day takes place after the Civil War event and One More Day storyline, but before the Big Time storyline.