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Full Name: Current host's name
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #360 (March, 1992)
Created by: David Michelinie, Chris Marrinan
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Prison in New York
Citizenship: Symbiotes
Base: Mobile
Affiliations: Frightful Four; formerly Carnage's "family" (Carrion, Shriek, Demogoblin, Doppelganger)
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color: White
Unique Features: Alien life form

"Maybe if my host had a little more filial sentiment... a little more human love for his own daddy... some of it would have crossed over to me. As it is, I feel nothing but cold empty contempt. I hate you daddy."
— Carnage Symbiote

The Carnage symbiote (of Earth-616) is a red symbiote originally belonging to Cletus Kasady


After Eddie Brock was incarcerated in a prison for "normal" humans. His cell mate was Cletus Kasady, a psychotic murderer serving eleven life sentences.

Eventually the presumed dead Venom symbiote re-bonded with Eddie and the pair broke out. However, it left behind its spawn which bonded with Kasady to make Carnage. Over a period of months Carnage went on a killing spree and would leave the message "Carnage Rules" written in blood. Eventually Carnage and Spider-Man fought and the wall crawler was defeated. Realizing Carnage was another Symbiotic powered villain, Spider-Man enlisted the aid of Venom who had retired to a deserted island, to defeat Carnage. After enlisting Venom's aid against Carnage, Spider-Man later used loud noises in an attempt to defeat both father and son.

The symbiote has been "killed" at least twice. Once mentioned above and later when Venom, in an attempt to end the threat of Carnage once and for all, ate its spawn. However, both times they have been replaced. He found a copy of his suit in the Negative Zone and in the "Maximum Carnage" Arc it is revealed that during his first fight with Venom and Spider-Man that the symbiote used a cut on Kasady to alter his metabolism to create a perfect copy of the symbiote. This would mean that Kasady has not worn the original for a very long time, however when he gives birth to his son Toxin; Venom claimed the spawn was his grandchild. Which would indicate that Kasady has been wearing the original all along.

The symbiote has a considerably stronger bond with Kasady then its father has with its hosts. This is indicated by the fact that Kasady has predominantly used the term "I", as apposed to his father's use of "we". However, even though the bond between host and symbiote is strong, it has left Kasady several times to find more powerful hosts. It has bonded with John Jameson, Ben Reilly (at the time referred to as Spider-Carnage) and the Silver Surfer (forming The Carnage Cosmic) but it always ended up back on Kasady. Eventually it and Kasady met their end while escaping "The Raft", a prison for super powered villains. He was ripped apart by Sentry in outer space. The symbiote survived by becoming dormant and returned to Earth, but was found by Michael Hall, who used the symbiote to create prosthesis and super-guards. The Doppelganger and Shriek return, hoping to repair the symbiote.

The symbiote bonded to doctor Tanis Nieves and went to Hall Corporation headquarters, only to un-bond from Nieves and rejoin Cletus Kasady, who now has prosthetic legs. Carnage battled Iron Man and Spider-Man upgraded with the "symbiotes" of Hall's super-guards. Then, Nieves' prosthesis resulted in a new spawn of Carnage, which turned her into a new symbiote called Scorn. Scorn obligated Shriek to use her sonic attack to debilitate Carnage, who later escaped with Doppelganger.

Cletus arrived to Doverton, Colorado and overtook their population, controlling them with the Carnage Symbiote's copies, proclaiming this city the new capital of a new Symbiote sovereign state. Some of the heroes arrived to stop him, but were possessed by Carnage Symbiote's copies, leaving Spider-Man the only hero standing. After Scorn used a sonic weapon to un-bond Carnage, it also affected Venom and it left Cletus against an invalid Flash Thompson. The two rouges symbiotes started fighting using animals. After the Carnage symbiote was defeated, it was captured by Scorn, while Cletus was taken into custody in a Quinjet.

Powers and Abilities


  • The symbiote grants its host superhuman strength, reflexes, and agility. Also it grants its wielder the ability to stick to walls, create web like substance, tendrils and (as a result of its incubation on Earth) to create bladed and blunt instruments from its own mass. It also grants limited shape shifting, demonstrated by its above abilities and the ability to mimic any form of clothing.


  • As its father was bounded to Peter Parker, Carnage and his siblings are immune to Spider-Man's spider sense. At one point it granted Kasady the ability to "see" through its costume, but this ability seemed to be lost.

Strength level

  • While worn by Kasady was capable of lifting 80 tons, this is not his true limit as his strength increases with his size and variable muscle mass.


  • Extreme sonic wave sounds and heat.

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