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Classic Costume
First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15
Alternate name(s): Red and blue costume
Lead Designer(s): Peter Parker

Additional Designer(s):

Ben Reilly, Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker", Parker Industries

Current Owner(s):

Peter Parker

Previous Owner(s):

Ben Reilly, Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker", Spider-Man

The Classic Costume of Spider-Man is a red and blue costume that nearly all versions of Spider-Man wear that debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15.


First appearing in Amazing Fantasy #15, the iconic red and blue costume is a costume hand made and sewn by Peter Parker after he is bitten by a Radioactive Spider. In most media and comic book interpretations of Spider-Man, Peter Parker normally makes his own costume by himself.

Drawing style[]

In Amazing Fantasy #15, sometimes the blue parts of the costume are seen as black, something that was fixed in later issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Some versions drawn also have underarm webbing. Sometimes, the blue part of the costume is drawn dark blue or black in some variants or comic books. This depends on the current artist.


First Design[]

The first and original design of the costume is very simple, two colors, red and blue. There is a tiny, black spider on the front chest part of the costume and eye pieces in which people can not see Spider-Man's eyes but anyone in the suit can see. 

Eye Pieces[]

The eye pieces are mostly white with a black outline. In some comic books, even in the Mainstream universe, the ratio of black in the outline of the eye pieces has varied over the years.


The mask has white one-way mirror type lenses rimmed with black the white portions of the mask's eyes sometimes "squint" when Peter has his eyes are somewhat shut. In addition to covering his entire head, the mask is there to leave no distinguishing features, the mask also muffles his voice, making it unrecognizable to anyone he knows.

Web Lining and Back Spider[]

There are also lines going all through out the body wherever there are the color red is. This lines are similar to a spider's web. Finally there is a large red spider on the back of the costume. The largeness of the spider's legs and the spider itself has varied over the years.

Superior Spider-Man design[]

Starting in the Superior Spider-Man comic book series, Otto wear a different version of the Classic Costume that was originally designed by Peter Parker. Otto Octavius added some carbonadium metal plating over his neck and skull (to prevent any unexpected body switching), talons on his hands and feet, split-toed footwear fashioned as jika-tabi shoes with a claw each big toe, a slightly different, more imposing spider on his back and enhanced lenses in his costume, with a HUD and tracking abilities.

Starting in Superior Spider-Man #14 to (worn until SS #30), a new costume is made by Otto that look similar to one of Ben Reilly's Sensational Spider-Man costume. After Peter gets his body back in SS #30, Peter puts the costume away, putting on his own saying "My turn.".

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.57

Spider-Man's new suit

All-New Different Marvel[]

After the Secret Wars event, Peter dons a semi-altered version of his classic red and blue costume that is strong enough to deflect lasers. This version was designed by Alex Ross.

All the lining for the costume is sloped downwards, and the belt part is more pointy and droops downwards as well. The spider on the chest and back has been enlarged with all legs streched out in different directions and the ability to glow blue or green along side the eye pieces. 

Other Comic Versions[]

Peter Parker Costumes[]

  • In Earth-311, a reality where the birth of Marvel superheroes started in 1602, a version of Peter Parker wears a very different version of the Classic Costume with open eye pieces and hands, with more of the color blue then red.
  • In Earth-616, Earth-1298, Earth-8910, Earth-89721 and Earth-92100, these versions of Peter Parker are seen with a few extra arms. He changes his costume for extra arm openings for his four extra arms.
  • In Earth-616, there is an Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men, who all wear a costume, most of which are a different take on the original Spider-Man's Classic Costume.
  • In Earth-616, Ben Reilly takes up being Spider-Man for a while and dawns a costume with the red and blue pattern but a different design.
  • In Earth-616, after Otto switches minds with Peter Parker for his young body and Peter into his dying body, Otto takes on a new costume in a new comic book series called the Superior Spider-Man. This was a costume designed by Peter Parker, is worn by Otto. The notable difference is that the blue parts are black the big red spider on the back is different, the foot parts are split into two sections at the big toe, for a claw to come out, the eye pieces are made of different material, the glove pieces have sharp points at the end of each finger (including the thumbs), the nose part is slightly pointed and the spider on the chest part of the costume is more bold.
  • In Earth-1610, the Ultimate universe, a version of Peter Parker is given his first costume by a promoter . The only notable different here is that the eye pieces on the costume are bigger that his mainstream counterpart.
    • Also in the Ultimate reality, before Miles Morales got his red and black costume given to him by Spider-Woman, he fought crime in an altered halloween of the red and blue costume.
  • In Earth-2301, also known as the Mangaverse, a version of Peter Parker has created a red and blue costume different to the original design. The eye pieces are big and much more rounded. He also has a section of his arms free, wearing altered versions of the gloves and shoe pieces.
  • In Earth-5701, where a version of Peter Parker is a horseman of Apocalypse called Pestilence, he owns an altered version of the Classic Costume, made to fit his altered body type.
  • In Earth-8311, a reality where all Marvel superheroes are talking animals, a version of Spider-Man, called Peter Porker, Spider-Ham, he also dons the Classic Costume. The only notable differences are that the costume is smaller to fit this version of Peter and a set of large nose opening his nostrils. The nose piece of the costume also has eye pieces where his nose holes would be.
  • In Earth-8351, a version of Peter Parker who is an assassin along side a version of Wolverine. This version has an extremely different version of the Classic Costume with the red and blue colors of the original, with black eye pieces, and a darker color red covering some of the costume.
  • In Earth-9105, a version of Peter Parker  is seen with a version of his Classic Costume where there is a large spider on the front of the costume instead of the little black spider with lines coming from it.
  • In Earth-9602, a version of Spider-Man known as Spider-Boy 2099, has a mostly blue costume with a belt.
  • In Earth-10021, a reality where the Skrull were successful in their invasion, a version of Peter Parker is seen with the Classic Costume on with a cut open part of the costume so Peter can always be seen speaking. His spider on his chest is red, instead of black.
  • In Earth-11638, called the Perfect World, a version of Peter Parker is seen with a very different very of the Classic Costume with much more of the color blue, with no line markings at all. He has boots and gloves with a red spider in the middle that travels to other parts of his costume.
  • In Earth-13519, Spider-Man has a much bigger version of the spider in the middle of his chest.
  • In Earth-12121, a version of Peter Parker's costume seems to be much different, but not much is seen.
  • In Earth-312500, there is an alternate future version of Peter Parker wears a red and black costume similar to the Classic Costume, consisting of a reversible jacket with a mask and gloves with no web lines. The costume also reappeared as part of a possible alternate future if Spider-Man were to kill Kraven the Hunter during the end of the Grim Hunt storyline.
  • In Earth-37072, there is a version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man who wears a different version of the Classic Costume before he is killed by the Kulan Gath of his reality where Magic rules over all.
  • In Earth-58163, also known as the "House of M" universe, a version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man wears a version of the Classic Costume that is somewhat altered to have more blue in the costume.
  • In Earth-71004, there is a version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man that has a version of the Classic Costume with metal parts added to certain parts of the costume, probably to better protect Peter, along with open eye holes.
  • In Earth-96282, a reality where Peter Parker was adopted by John Jonah Jameson, and still becomes Spider-Man, a version of the Classic Costume is seen with no mask, but eye pieces, with webbing under his arms.
  • In Earth-96211, a version of Peter Parker is seen with a mostly blue costume, red gloves and feet pieces with a large black spider in the middle of the chest.
  • In Earth-TRN340, a version of Peter Parker is seen where the Spider-Man and his gang were up against the Dark Avengers of Earth-616, Spider-Man arrived on the scene with a different red and blue costume similar to the costume from the 2012 film, The Amazing Spider-Man.
  • In Earth-TRN413, a version of Peter Parker is seen with a mostly unchanged Spider-Man costume with sharp eye pieces.

Fantastic Four/Five Costumes[]

  • In Earth-772, a version of Peter Parker joins the Fantastic Four, making them the Fantastic Five. No changes are made to his costume other then a "5" put on his chest area, to indicate that he is on the team.
  • In Earth-99476, an Arachnosaur has a similar costume to Spider-Man with a "5" on the chest and openings for his feet.
  • In Earth-200783, there is a version of Peter Parker who has a "4" with spider legs sticking out, as he is a part of his reality's Fantastic Four. 

Non-Peter Parker Classic Costumes[]

  • In Earth-78327, a version of John Jameson III also became a version of Spider-Man via a spider bite and made a mostly blue costume with boots, a belt and helmet.
  • In Earth-982, a alternate version of what could have been Peter Parker's daughter, May Parker has spider powers, and dons a costume similar to one of Ben Reilly's costumes.
    • In the same reality, there is a man named Gerald Drew who is also Spider-Man, except for the lack of a Spider-Sense. Gerald's costume is similar to the Classic Costume but with a few differences. His waist "belt" is split in two on the front. His spider emblem is very large and finally, the spider emblem's head is separate from its body and the where the blue parts of the costume would be are black, similar the Superior Spider-Man costume.
  • In Earth-93060, a man named Kevin Green has been "Spider-Prime" with two different costumes.
  • In Earth-78127, a reality where a Radioactive Spider bit Flash Thompson instead of Peter Parker, Flash created a version of the Classic Costume with a mask that didn't cover his entire face. He also had a cape made of webs.
  • A version of Spider-Man named Dr. Aaron Aikman introduced in Spider-Verse, has a metal suit with the pattern of the 616 red and blue costume.


In all forms of media, Spider-Man has been seen in his red and blue costume. In video games, television and film, spider is seen with his Classic Costume.


  • In the 1977 film, Spider-Man, a version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man is seen with the Classic Costume. This version is nearly the same as the original design, except for the eye pieces which are smaller, pointed at the ends, and the inside part where the white is suppose to be is made of a different, mirror like material.
  • In the first trilogy of Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi, a version of Peter Parker makes two versions of the Classic Costume. Starting in Spider-Man (2002 film), the first is seen and used to enter and win a wrestling match and catch the crook who killed Peter's Uncle Ben.
    • The second version is seen when Peter decides to fight crime as a superhero. This version has eye pieces that have three ends that take up most of the mask and are pointed at three ends. There is a large redesigned red spider on the back of the costume with a slightly smaller black spider on the chest part of the costume.
  • In Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, a version of the Classic Costume is seen being similar to the Sam Raimi design seen in his movies, with a slightly different, much bigger spider logo on the chest area.
  • In the second trilogy of Spider-Man film being directed by Marc Webb, a version of Peter Parker makes two versions of the Classic Costume as well in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film). The first costume is a red mask with regular clothes being used with a beanie hat and sunglasses.
    • The second version of is seen later in the movie. This is a very different version of the Classic Costume, where blue seems to be the primary color, with lines going wherever there is red in the costume. There is a large red spider on the back with a large black spider of the same design on the chest. The gloves have a mix of red and blue on them. The lenses were made from a pair of sunglasses so the wearer of the costume can see, but a regular person can not see the wearer's eyes. Sometimes, the eyes have been seen in action figures and drawings as bright yellow, rather than the dark gold of the film version.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 film), the original costume is ditched and a new costume is made. The costume looks extremely similar to Sam Raimi's costume in the original trilogy with bigger eye pieces, similar to Ultimate Spider-Man's costume.


Video Games[]

In all video games, Spider-Man starts out with his classic costume with more costumes to be unlocked.

  • In all Marvel fighting video game series by Capcom that Spider-Man is in, his Classic Costume is his default costume and his game art shows him in his Classic Costume as well.
  • In Spider-Man (2002 video game) you start out Peter's first costume when he planned to be a wrestler in the film of the same name, but later in the game, you are outfitted with the costume used in the later portion of the film as well.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man (2005 video game), you play as the younger version of Peter wears the Ultimate version of his costume with noticeably bigger eye pieces.
  • In the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game series, the Classic Costume is always unlocked from the start.
  • In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, there is a "Classic" version of Spider-Man who wears a red and blue Classic Costume.
    • In the same game, there is a "Ultimate" version of Peter Parker playable in his Symbiote Costume. There is a costume unlockable that is his original red and blue costume.
  • In Spider-Man: Edge of Time, there is a version of Spider-Man that wears a red and blue Classic Costume that gets ripped and damaged through out the course of the game. By the end of the game, part of Peter's hair is sticking out with parts of skin visible.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 video game) the Classic Costume is Spider-Man's starting costume with more to unlock. It can get damaged over time. However, as a pre-order bonus, or DLC, the player can download the Sam Raimi version of the Classic Costume.
    • Also, in the game, after the player get 100 percent completion, the player unlocks a all black version of the The Amazing Spider-Man film costume.
  • In 2013's Marvel Heroes, there is a Classic, modern and amazing version of the red and blue costumes that Spider-Man can wear.
    • The Sensational Spider-Man, first Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly and Spider-Girl costumes are also in-game costumes that can bought or picked up, as well as Otto's second Superior Spider-Man costume.
  • In 2014's, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 video game) Spider-Man's costume from the first and second film are wearable.
    • Otto's second Superior Spider-Man costume is also wearable, once unlocked.


  • When fans asked if the new costume took it's design from Ben Reilly's Sensational Spider-Man costume, it was said that Otto's second costume took its inspiration from an unused costume design for the 2002 film, Spider-Man.
  • For the original costume design of Spider-Man for the Noir universe, the original costume design was a red and blue costume similar to the original mainstream's Classic Costume. This costume was scrapped for a darker, Batman like costume that was used for the final costume.
    • In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, this costume is wearable in-game for Spider-Man Noir's levels only, once it is unlocked.
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