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Daily Bugle (Front Line) (Earth-616)
Daily Bugle
Founder(s): Sally Floyd, Ben Urich
Leader(s): Robbie Roberston

Current members:

Sally Floyd, Ben Urich, Robbie Roberston, George Hummert, Geoff Creswell, Kenny, Roger, Jodi

Former members:

Peter Parker, Phil Urich, Norah Winters


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Daily Bugle Newsroom (who was formerly Alternative then Front Line Newsroom)

First appearance:

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The Daily Bugle, formerly known as Front Line, was founded by former DB! and Alternative journalists Ben Urich and Sally Floyd with the ideal of it being a true independent media.


Toward the end of the Civil War, Sally Floyd quit the Alternative and joined with Ben Urich, who left the Daily Bugle, to create a truly independent newspaper. When the newspaper almost failed, a mysterious benefactor bought out the Alternative and handed it over to Ben Urich, who renamed it Front Line and became its Editor-In-Chief. Sally Floyd became the lead reporter.

Dexter Bennett bought the Daily Bugle off J. Jonah Jameson while Jameson was ill. After buying the Bugle, Bennett renamed the Bugle as The DB! and transform it into a scandal sheet. This leads Peter Parker, Robbie Robertson as its Editor-in-Chief, and many others who worked at the Daily Bugle to leave the DB and to move to Front Line.

Sometime after the DB's destruction by Electro, Marla Jameson is able buy back the Daily Bugle shares from Bennett, and J. Jonah Jameson gives the money to Robbie to remake the Front Line into the new Daily Bugle.



  • Sally Floyd (reporter & co-owner)
  • Ben Urich(reporter, co-owner, and publisher)
  • Robbie Robertson (editor-in-chief)
  • George Hummert (reporter)
  • Geoff Creswell (photographer)
  • Kenny (photographer)
  • Roger (photographer)
  • Jodi



  • The first appearance of the Daily Bugle was the name of said company in a newspaper in Fantastic Four #2. The actual building did not appear until Amazing Spider-Man #4.