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Daily Bugle (The DB!) (Earth-616)
The DB!
Founder(s): Unknown
Leader(s): Formerly J. Jonah Jameson, Dexter Bennett

Current members:

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Former members:

Thomas Fireheart, Norman Osborn, William Goldman, J. Jonah Jameson, Dexter Bennett, William Goldman, Simon J. Goodman, Robbie Robertson, Betty Brant, Abner Abernathy, Tom Amos, Ron Barney, Mike Berino, Miriam Birchwood, Kenny Brown, Jill Brythe, Dan Davis, Albert Dickinson, Anthea Dupres, Ken Ellis, Mark Ewing, Sid Franken, Cliff Garner, Tim Gluohy, Melvin Gooner, Matt Hicksville, Matt Idelson, Miss Kay Cohn, Lessman, Maggie Lorca, Joy Mercado, Jan Parsec, David Rabinowitz, Carl Reed, Joe Sidesaddle, Charley Snow, Bill Tatters, Maury Toeitch, Nick Bandouveris, Blaine Browne, Marge Butler, Flash Gun Casey, Jacob Conover, Nick Dillman, Ethan Edwards, Kat Farrell, Ian Fate, Frederick Foswell, Phil Fox, Randy Green, Walter Jameson, Dick Jones, Terri Kidder, Simon Lagrange, Ned Leeds, Jeff Mace, J.J. Mcteer, Irene Merryweather, Mary Morgan, Mystique, Jess Patton, Chuck Self, C. Thomas Sites, Paul Swanson, Ben Urich, Leila Taylor, Billy Walters, Anne, Abe Benerstein, Arnold Sibert, Eleonore Brant, Glory Grant, Izzy Bunsen, Kim Drunter, Sam Dunne, Tony Falcone, Meredith Campbell, Lynn Walsh, Spence Williams, Phil Urich, Peter Parker, Cole Cooper, Edwin E. Edwards, Jeffrey Haight, Tony Reeves, Angela Yin, Lance Bannon, Flash Gun Casey, Amber Grant, Nick Katzenberg, Glorianna O'Breen, Phil Sheldon, Billy Walters, Christine Everhart, Victor Paunchilito, Wendy Thorton, Tony Harris, Max Igoe, Bud Johnson, Kathryn, Eileen Lutomski, Victor Paunchilito, Jacob Conover, Laurie Lynton, Victor Pei, Sam, Arnold Sibert, Ivan Snyder, Vickie Tanner, Wendy Thorton, Dilbert Trilby, Samuel Kingston, Barry, Harrison Cahill, Kathryn Cushing, Walter Jameson, Maggie McCulloch, Richard Wormly, Marge, Judy Lumley, Simon LaGrange, Carl, Nelson, Rossi, Sally, Smitty, Mr. Toomey


Alignment: Neutral
Universe: Earth-616


Formerly Daily Bugle Buildling, New York City

First appearance:

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The DB!, formerly known as the Daily Bugle, was a New York City based daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1897. Under the leadership of J. Jonah Jameson, the Daily Bugle became the most popular and successful newspaper publisher in the world, but after the Bugle was sold to Dexter Bennett, the bugle devolved into a shadow of it's former self.









  • Anne

Film Critics

Administrative Assistants

Science Editors

Financial Reporters

  • Kim Drunter

National Editors

  • Sam Dunne

Copy Writers



News Service

  • Christine Everhart


Apprentice Editors

  • Tony Harris

Sports Writers

  • Max Igoe

Page Designers

  • Bud Johnson

Metro Desk Editors


  • Eileen Lutomski


Assistant Photography Editors

National Desk Editors

Entertainment Editors

Man-in-the-Street Reporters

  • Ivan Snyder

Washington DC liaisons

Sports Columnists

Obituary Writers

Columns Editors

  • Samuel Kingston

Department Heads

  • Barry

Board of Directors

  • Harrison Cahill

City Editors



  • Maggie McCulloch

Editor-In-Chief's Assistants



  • The Daily Bugle has a London affiliate, the Daily Herald.
  • The Daily Bugle correctly ran a story in 1945, detailing the disappearance and apparent death of Captain America and Bucky. No other news outlet reported the incident. As a result most of the world accepted the U.S. Government's new Captain America replacements, William Nasland and Jeff Mace, as the original war and crimefighter.


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