Daily Bugle Building
Daily Bugle Building
Aliases: Goodman Building
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United States of America
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New York City
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The Daily Bugle Building, formerly known as the Goodman Building, is the headquarters of the Daily Bugle.



The Daily Bugle building was formerly the Goodman Building, established on 39th Street and Second Avenue until John Jonah Jameson purchased and used it to establish his entire editorial and publishing facilities there, principally his newspaper the Daily Bugle. From then on the building was called the Daily Bugle Building. The office complex was forty-six stories tall, and was capped by the Daily Bugle logo in 30-foot letter on the roof. There were loading docks in the rear of the building, reached by a back alley. Three floors were devoted to the editorial office of the Daily Bugle, two sub-basement levels for the printing presses, while the rest of the floors were rented out to third parties.

Due to Walker Sloan's alterations to the time stream, the Daily Bugle ceased to exist and the Daily Bugle building was the headquarters of Alchemax instead of the Bugle. After Spider-Man and the Spider-Man of 2099 successfully reverted Sloan's changes, the Daily Bugle came back into existence and the building returned to original form.

The DB!'s destruction

The building's destruction

Many years later, the newspaper hit on hard times which led to it being offered up in a buyout by Dexter Bennett as well as the entire building.

The Daily Bugle building was later destroyed by Electro during a battle with Spider-Man.

After their shares were reacquired from Bennett, Mayor Jameson give the rights over the use the Daily Bugle's name to Robbie Robertson, who had gone rogue with most of the DB!'s staff ("The DB!" being the name of the Daily Bugle under Bennet's rule) to the Front Line.

The Front Line was so turned into a new Daily Bugle, and the former Front Line office (formerly the Alternative's office) was renamed the Daily Bugle Building.


The Daily Bugle Building (Earth-1610)

The Daily Bugle building in Earth-1610

The Daily Bugle building housed the newspaper of the same name until it was damaged during the events of Ultimatum, forcing the company to temporarily close down. It was later reformed to house the offices of the Daily Bugle once more, but now dedicated as an online news portal exclusively. A ".com" was added below the classic sign.


Daily Bugle Building (Earth-92131)

The Daily Bugle building on Earth-92131

On Earth-92131, the Bugle building is lower but wider then it's Earth-616 counterpart, and is also known to host United Nations events aside from housing the Daily Bugle and J3 Communications.



In the multi-platform video game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, the Daily Bugle building is a recurring battleground throughout the story mode and available in the versus mode. Here the rooftop is surrounded by three destructible walls, and covered with explosive barrels, air conditioners, pipes, and poles for use in battle. Even the trademark letters that form "Daily Bugle" are available for throwing at enemies once damaged.


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