Daily Globe (Earth-616)
Daily Globe
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Leader(s): Barney Bushkin (Publisher)

Current members:

April Maye, Joe, Paul Barnum

Former members:

Eddie Brock


Alignment: Neutral
Universe: Earth-616


New York City, New York State

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The Daily Globe (of Earth-616) is a rival to the Daily Bugle.


Early history

Many times over, Peter Parker has sold pictures of Spider-Man to the Daily Globe for extra money and was even an employee under Barney Bushkin, a publisher who works there.

Green Goblin once went to the Daily Globe to obtain additional information on Spider-Man. However, in an effort to protect everyone the Green Goblin was threatening, a young man who worked there said that he was Spider-Man. The Green Goblin tested the boy's claim by tossing him out of a window, with the real Spider-Man saving him just in time for Goblin to escape.


Edward Brock used to work for the Daily Globe up until he started writing stories about the Sin-Eater murders. Eddie soon started publish interviews he had with the Sin-Eater and protecting his identity under the First Amendment. However, with the stories he wrote, came pressure from authorities to reveal the Sin-Eater's identity.

Eventually, Brock caved and wrote a story detailing the Sin-Eater's real name. The Daily Globe newspaper the story was printed in sold out very fast, however it was not long before Spider-Man caught the real Sin-Eater, revealing Eddie's story about the interview and his identity he printed in the paper to be false. The identity of the Sin-Eater was Detective Stan Carter, while the man Brock had been interviewing was actually a compulsive confessor.

The Daily Globe was embarrassed, as was Eddie when he was fired by the Globe and laughed at by his fellow journalists.

This unfortunate turn of events began a deep hate that Eddie started to develop towards Spider-Man that would lead him into becoming the first host of the Venom symbiote, vowing to kill Spider-Man for ruining his life.

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