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Dark Web (Event)
Dark Web
Universe: Earth-616

Created by:

Zeb Wells
John Romita, Jr.
Scott Hanna
Marcio Menyz

Main Heroes:

Spider-Man, X-Men, Venom, Ms. Marvel, Gold Goblin, Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson

Main Villains:

Hallow's Eve, Chasm, Goblin Queen

Dark Web is an upcoming comic book event published by Marvel Comics that will begin publication on November 2, 2022.

The event focuses on Ben Reilly who, following the debacle with the Beyond Corporation, has become a dark and twisted version of his old heroic self known simply as "Chasm". Seeking revenge against his former friend and ally Spider-Man, Chasm forms an alliance with the Goblin Queen, but their shared goals draw the attention of both the X-Men and Venom.