The name Defenders may pertain to any of the following:




  • Defenders - a team of heroes who band together to protect the world from otherworldly threats.
  • Secret Defenders - a team of heroes whose roster changes with every new mission.
  • Defenders for a Day - a temporary roster of heroes who tried to join the main Defenders team with disastrous results.
  • Defenders (Villains) - a group of criminals who banded together to go on a crime spree and ruin the regular Defenders reputation.
  • Thanos' Defenders - Thanos' incarnation of the Defenders.


  • Defenders - a group of amateur vigilantes who dress up as super-heroes in order to become celebrities.

The death of Wasp leading to an earlier Age of UltronEdit

Thor's premature death leads to an extreme RagnarokEdit

  • Defenders - a team composed of the Earth's surviving heroes who protect the world from Asgardian threats.




Planet DoomEdit

  • Defenders - a resistance movement that opposes Doctor Doom's tyrannical regime.

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