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The Amazing Spider-Man film series
Aliases: Webbverse
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Debut appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man

Created by:

James Vanderbilt


The Amazing Spider-Man film series
Inhabitants: Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, May Parker, Harry Osborn

Earth-120703 is the reality that takes place within The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise. 


The Amazing Spider-Man

When he was young, Peter Parker's parents died in a plane crash, leaving him to be raised by Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker.

When he was on a field trip in high school, Peter was bitten by a genetically altered Oscorp spider, and he gained enhanced agility, strength, and the ability to stick to walls and a "spider-sense" ability to warn him of incoming danger. Peter creates "web-shooters" for himself and donned a costume, taking the name "Spider-Man" after saving a child named "Jack" from a car hanging off a bridge.

He met with Dr. Curt Connors and helped him finish a formula, which Connors would later use on himself to gain his missing. However, it transformed him into a creature the media dubbed "The Lizard", where Connor had no control of his body. Peter soon makes it his duty to stop him, and so, but in the process, gets Gwen's dad killed in the process. Before dying, Gwen's dad tells Peter to promise him to keep his daugther out of danger. Peter promises, only to say that promises you can't keep, are the best kind.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

About 18 Months since events of the first film after the graduation things are going well for both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Peter is heading out of high school with high grades, dating Gwen with barely any problems. As Spider-Man, he is saving more people and earning much publicity via the Daily Bugle newspaper, television and word of mouth. However, after hearing through his best friend Harry Osborn that his dad has been tracking Peter for some time, things turn from bad to worse when new enemies dubbed "Electro" and "Rhino" rise to bring both Spider-Man and Peter Parker down to his lowest point, with Gwen in constant danger and the mystery of what truly happened to Peter's parents, lingering over Peter.



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