Earth-1610 from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 cover
Aliases: Ultimate Universe, Earth-Ultimate, Ultimate Marvel, Ultimate Comics Universe
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Debut appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (October 2000)

Created by:

Brian Michael Bendis, Bill Jemas, Mark Bagley


Ultimate Spider-Man
Inhabitants: Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson

Earth-1610, also known as Ultimate Marvel or the Ultimate Universe, is a reality that features re-imagined versions of the Marvel Comic's superhero/villians characters and origins.


The imprint was launched in October of 2000 with the publication of the series Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men.

The characters in this universe have either new origins or different looks, freeing them from the sometimes convoluted back-stories of their original Earth-616 counterparts, and making them different from their counterparts.

In the Ultimatum story arc, most ultimate characters have been killed off. The Fantastic Four has also disbanded.

Residents Edit

Confirmed deathsEdit

  • Angel: Killed and partially eaten by Sabretooth. (Ultimatum #4)
  • Beast: Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimatum #1)
  • Blob: Head bitten off by Hank Pym. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Betty Brant: Killed by Venom.
  • Cannonball: Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Captain Britain: Blown up by Madrox, originally confirmed to be dead. (Ultimate X-Men #100) Revealed later to have survived in Ultimate Comics: Avengers.
  • Cypher: Presumably blown up by Madrox, shown alongside other casualties. (Ultimate X-Men: Requiem)
  • Cyclops: Shot in the head by Quicksilver. (Ultimatum #5)
  • Daredevil: Found dead by Spider-Man. Presumably drowned in the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimate Spider-Man #131)
  • Dazzler: Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimatum #1)
  • Detonator: Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Doctor Doom: Head crushed by the Thing. (Ultimatum #5)
  • Doctor Strange: Killed by Dormammu after his body is constricted, causing his head to explode. His body was taken by an unknown person. (Ultimatum #4)
  • Emma Frost: Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Forge: Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Franklin Storm: Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimate Fantastic Four #58)
  • Hard-Drive: Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Hank Pym: Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Iron Man: The Maker leaving him to die after cutting open his head to find a gem. Replaced by a clone.
  • Juggernaut: Hit in the eye by a poisonous dart shot by a Sentinel soldier. (Ultimate X-Men #99)
  • Longshot: Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Lorelei: Killed by Wolverine. (Ultimate X-Men #100)
  • Madrox: Killed by Wolverine. (Ultimate X-Men #100)
  • Magneto: Decapitated by Cyclops. (Ultimatum #5)
  • Nightcrawler: Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimatum #1)
  • Polaris: Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Professor X: Neck snapped by Magneto. (Ultimatum #2)
  • Sunspot: Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)
  • Syndicate: Dead after one of his heads is blown off by William Stryker. (Ultimate X-Men #99)
  • Toad: Listed by Marvel as dead, though his death was never shown.
  • Wasp: Partially eaten by the Blob. (Ultimatum #2)
  • Wolverine: Killed by Magneto after the adamantium is ripped from his skeleton. (Ultimatum #5)

Ultimate Spider-ManEdit

Spider-Man was one of the first to be relaunched with a 'Ultimate' counterpart in 2000, along with the X-Men. In the Ultimatum story arc, although he was hurt almost to the point of death, he is seen alive.

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