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Marvel 1602
Marvel: 1602
Aliases: None
Status: Exisiting
Debut appearance: Marvel 1602 #1

Created by:

Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert


Marvel 1602 Vol. 1
Inhabitants: The Spider

Earth-311 also known as Marvel: 1602 is a reality that is home to the Marvel heroes of the year 1602, including Spider-Man.


When the Captain America of Earth-460 was sent back in time to 1587 AD of Earth-616, the timeline was altered, causing the heroic age to occur in the year 1602.

The timeline was righted by Thor and Enrique, with "Rojhaz" being returned to the future with Nicolas Fury. The altered timeline was preserved as the separate reality of Earth-311 by Uatu the Watcher and his superior.

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