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Aliases: MC2, Marvel Comics 2
Status: Existing
Debut appearance: What If? Vol. 2 #105

Created by:

Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz


Inhabitants: Peter Parker

Earth-982, also known as the Marvel Comics 2 Universe or simply MC2, is an alternate version of Earth-616 where the "Age of Heroes" started 15 years earlier then in the prime reality.


The imprint was created out of the events of What If? Vol. 2 #105, which was the first appearance of the character Spider-Girl, Spider-Man's daughter from an alternative future.


In Earth-982, the "Age of Heroes" which is an event in the Marvel universe that kick started the active nature of superheroes, started 15 years earlier than Earth-616, as a result, has a different, yet still modern timeline.

Even though the Age of Heroes happened 15 years earlier, the overall political, technological, and sociological progress of 982's Earth is the same as 616's Earth. However, since 982's is an alternate future, many superheroes or villains are either dead, grown old or had children.




Steve Rogers age slowing down

  • By this time Spider-Man has retired, having lost his right leg in the final battle with Norman Osborn following the Gathering of Five.
  • Captain America is finally starting to feel his age slow him down.
  • Fantastic Four has now become the Fantastic Five.
  • Cassandra Lang is a member of the new Avengers under the alias of Stinger and does not possess the growth powers of her Earth-616 counterpart. As of 2012, the 616 counter part died in the Avengers The Child Crusade.
  • Jessica Drew never regained her powers, she is not queen of the Skrulls and Secret Invasion never happened. However, it is hinted within the pages of A-Next #2 that Mainframe mentioned there was a Skrull invasion in this universe's past.
  • May Parker was returned to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker by Kaine, later becoming Spider-Girl.
  • During the Gathering of Five Storyline, Green Goblin died in his final battle with Spider-Man, and Spider-Man lost one of his legs. For a while he attempted to continue his crime fighting career with a prosthetic but gave it up shortly thereafter. This means most of Spider-Man's career post Gathering of Five never happened.
  • Harry Osborn's death in Spectacular Spider-Man #200 remains valid in MC2 continuity, whereas his 616 counterpart was revived successfully by his father Norman and kept in hiding across Europe until he resurfaced during the Brand New Day storyline. As a result, Normie Osborn grows up without his father, gradually growing insane and resenting Peter Parker.
  • The death of Kraven the Hunter remains valid in MC2. As a result of this, the events of Grim Hunt have not come to pass, and thus Kaine is not dragged into its events.

    Mary Jane's and Peter Parker daughter

  • Curt Connors' wife and son remain alive in this continuity.
  • As Peter Parker remains married to Mary Jane in this continuity, Carlie Cooper does not become his girlfriend, but the Parkers still meet her during an investigation and Carlie offers Peter a card with information on how to contact and join the NYPD, saying they need a few good scientists there. Peter would eventually take up Carlie's offer shortly after giving up his role as Spider-Man and now works for the force in the pages of Spider-Girl.
  • Scott Lang returned to active duty as Ant-Man after a period of retirement.
  • The Avengers disbanded after a battle with their evil counterparts on an alternate Earth, resulting in the deaths of several Avengers, (including Henry Pym), and the events of Avengers Disassembled never occurred as a result.
    • Additionally, the events of all subsequent Earth-616 crossovers never occurred. This applies to any and all future crossovers unless stated otherwise.
  • The death of Aunt May as shown in The Amazing Spider-Man #400 remains in MC2, whereas her Earth-616 counterpart was revealed to be alive in The Spectacular Spider-Man #263, with a genetic clone dying in her place. This was confirmed in the letters page of Spider-Girl #48.
    Spider-Girl Vol 1 86 page 17 May Parker (Earth-982)

    May Parker, the Spider-Girl

  • Since the Superhuman Registration Act never existed on Earth-982, Spider-Man never publicly revealed his identity, the events of One More Day never occurred and therefore contribute to Spider-Girl's existence.
  • As Peter Parker does not reveal his identity to the world in this continuity, the events of "One Moment In Time" do not occur, thus characters like Felicia Hardy retain their knowledge of Peter's duel identity.
  • Flash Thompson is never enlisted to serve in the middle east. As a result, he does not lose both of his legs and does not play host to the Venom symbiote. He goes on to reconcile with former love interest Felicia Hardy and marries her. Although they would later divorce, the two were able to produce two children from their union: Gene and Felicity Thompson.
  • Younger heroes like Nova have become superhero veterans, while others such as Cassie Lang and Kristoff Vernard have risen to prominence.
    Peter Parker (Kaine) (Earth-982) from Spider-Girl Vol 1 93 page 09


  • Thor never destroyed Asgard and is ruling the realm much as his father Odin did in the past, although Asgard was eventually restored in the 616 universe.
  • Wonder Man's death in Force Works #1 remains valid in MC2 continuity. Constructs of him battled the current Avengers in A-Next #8 while protecting the Scarlet Witch, who was in a coma at the time.
  • Captain America was killed in battle by Loki instead of being assassinated by Crossbones and Sharon Carter, his life energies are converted into a star. Whereas Captain America was eventually discovered to have been displaced in time and space by the bullet which "killed him" in the 616 continuity, Captain America remains dead within the MC2 universe.
  • Speedball did not become Penance.
    Spider-Girl Vol 1 7
  • The events of the Civil War have not come to pass in general, mainly due the disbanding of the original New Warriors and the original Avengers, as well as Iron Man's retirement and Captain America remaining in an alternate reality.
  • Hulk was never sent to Sakaar and the events of Planet Hulk or World War Hulk never happened, making Skaar and Hiro-Kala non-existent. However, it is shown within A-Next #3 that the Hulk did gain a son named David by an unknown spouse.
  • Reed and Sue Richards' daughter is not conceived in this continuity, leaving Franklyn to grow up as an only child.
  • Mattie Franklin became Spider-Woman through unknown means due to Peter interrupting the Gathering of Five. She was briefly mentioned within the pages of Spider-Girl.

Other Changes[]

Rina Logan Earth-982

Rina Logan in action

While the main point of divergence from Earth-616 is early arrival of the Age of Heroes, this leads to many other smaller deviations from the main Marvel continuity. One example lies in the more catastrophic outcome of the Gathering of Five. On Earth-982 the child that Mary Jane and Peter Parker in Earth-616, survived, but was kidnapped by Norman Osborn. Kaine, a clone of Peter Parker rescued her and returned her to her parents. She later grew up to become Spider-Girl.

  • Cain Marko (Juggernaut) and Sachi Yama also had a child, Zane Yama. Zane grew up without his father (who was still stuck in some parallel universe), but knew of his role as the Juggernaut. When he inherited part of his father's power, he decided to become the costumed crime-fighter, J2.
  • Similarly, Wolverine and Elektra had a daughter, Rina who became Wild Thing. Also, Flash Thompson, and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) have a daughter, Felicity.
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