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Resized Brock 26496
Real name: Edward Brock
Other Aliases: Eddie
Created by: Greg Weisman
Voiced by: Benjamin Diskin
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First Appearance: Interactions
Appearance of Death: None
Universe: Earth-26496
Alignment: Evil
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Place of Birth: New York City
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: New York City
Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, stamina and agility. Giving Spider-like abilities such as clinging to walls, and producing organic "webbing." (with Symbiote)
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Weight: {{{weight}}}
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: None

Edward Brock (of Earth-26496) is a childhood friend of Peter Parker and is the deadly Venom.


Edward (otherwise known as Eddie Brock by friends and relatives) was a close friend of Peter Parker back when they were younger. He was like a big brother to Peter, always calling him his little bro. He managed to find work with Dr. Curt Connors at ESU. He rekindled his friendship with Peter when Peter and Gwen Stacy applied as interns. He ends up having to disapointt Peter, though when he lets Peter know that he is not getting payed. They would only spend a short time together, however when Electro attacked and Spider-Man saved them. Peter would get fired eventually for running away to take pictures (or so everyone else thought).

Eddie also helped Spider-Man defeat The Lizard. When he rescued Spider-Man, and Spider-Man said," Didn't I tell you to stay back?", Eddie replied by saying,"You complaining?"

Eddie began to feel some frustration with Peter for constantly "blowing" off him, Gwen, and MJ. To make matters worse, he lost his job when Black Cat attempted to steal the symbiote, and it secretly bonded with Spider-Man. This was bad because Eddie was supposed to guard the symbiote.

Tensions rose between Eddie and Peter when Aunt May was hospitalized. This was at the same time of Peter discovering the symbiote, making him more arrogant. To make it worse, Eddie was beggining to get get frustrated because of how Peter stopped made him lose his job and scholarship to ESU when the Bugle had credited Peter with taking the pictures. Eddie grew more angry with Peter when Peter kept blowing off Aunt May, but Peter was too busy as Spider-Man.

Eventually, Spider-Man ditched the symbiote when it attempted to take control of him. However, Eddie was there to see Spider-Man return it to the ESU lab. At first, Eddie was grateful, dreaming of getting his old job back. But he was horrified when he realized Spider-Man was trying to freeze the symbiote to death. Believing his life was over, and blaming Spider-Man for everything, a half-dead symbiote bonded with an angry Eddie Brock. Revealing Spider-Man to be Peter Parker, Eddie became the deadly Venom.

To try to hurt him with a hard blow, Venom went after Aunt May (whom he did not harm), Mary Jane, and Gwen. He attacked during a marching parade, forcing Peter into action. After spotting Eddie in the crowd with Gwen, Spider-Man discovered Gwen all tied up in Venom's webbing. A deadly battle ensued between the two. Realizing he was no match for Venom, Peter pretended to plead for the symbiote to "take" him back. Venom mocked at this, but the symbiote abandoned Eddie. Now powerless, Eddie could nothing but watch Spider-Man web up the symbiote and swing away, burying under concrete, without Eddie knowing where it was.

In the following year after Spider-Man had defeated Venom, Peter begins to see Eddie around NYC. This, in actuality, was a powerless Eddie Brock stalking Spider-Man. This wouldn't have bothered Peter that much, but it was at the time of Harry Osborn returning, causing Peter to see visions of the Green Goblin. Sandman was also around to cause problems, which prompted Eddie to make Peter think of Venom's return so much, he followed Peter to the place where he had buried the symbiote under concrete.

Over the next few days, Venom made his presence known by attacking Spider-Man during an incedent of a burning building. At this time, Colonel Jameson (J. Jonah Jameson's son) was feeling the effects of being infected with alien spores, giving Super-strength, and a higher chance of a bad temper. Calling himself Colonel Jupiter, John helped Spider-Man put the fire out. But because Venom had fled and had made himself look like Spider-Man to start the fire, John was forced to believe the people who claimed to have seen Spidey. Spider-Man would then leave after John told him he was taking him in. Seeing his frustration, Venom attacked John at his home, making him look like Spider-Man again. This lead to a battle between a confused Spider-Man and an angry John. Spider-Man would manage to defeat John and cure him of the alien spores, but not at the temporary cost of John's sanity.

Eddie returned to get his old job back at ESU, just to make Peter cautious all the time. He ends up stealing a vile of gene cleanser when no one is looking.

Venom with the gene cleanser.

Venom then attempted to reveal Spider-Man's secret identity, causing a lot of stress for Peter to be followed around by news reporters. When Flash Thompson attempted to prove that anyone could dress up as Spider-Man, Venom attacked when the real Spider-Man saved Flash from some thugs. Revealing the vile of gene cleanser he stole earlier, he tells Spider-Man he plans on revealing his identity and pouring the gene cleanser down his throat as he watches all his enemies attack his loved ones. When he almost reveals his identity, Peter fights tooth & nail to keep Venom away. Venom eventually traps Spider-Man in the locker room, where he is distracted by Flash claiming to be Spider-Man, while still wearing his costume. Spider-Man takes advantage of this and pours the gene cleanser down Venom's throat. The symbiote then rejects Eddie and retreats into the sewers. When Peter says that Eddie can stop hating now, Eddie says sadly,"It only loves me for the hate". Eddie is then last seen being driven off to Ravencroft while yelling,"We're Venom!".

Venom as he appears in the Spectacular Spider-Man.


Gwen and Mary Jane liked Eddie, while Mary Conners was pretty fond of him.

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