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Elaine Coll (Earth-616)
Full Name: Elaine Coll
First Appearance: Spider-Man: Power of Terror Vol. 1 #2
Created by: Gregory Wright, Darick Robertson
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Citizenship: American
Base: Hell's Kitchen
Affiliations: Doom Maidens, Hell’s Kitchen Mob, formerly allied with Silvermane, Sinister Seven
Powers/Abilities: cybernetic implants that mimic the powers of Scorpion
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Hair Color: Red (dyed black)
Eye Color: Green
Unique Features: {{{18}}}

Elaine Coll was a psychiatric patient recuted by Silvermane into getting cybernetic implants that allowed her to mimic the powers of Scorpion. Equipped with her own version of his armor, Elaine became Scorpia. She was assigned to steal the comatose body of a cyborg, but was stopped by Spider-Man. Scorpia was attacked by Silvermane, and outraged by his betrayal she tried to kill her former boss, but one of Silvermane's associates took remote control over her cybernetics and forced her attack Spider-Man instead. Scorpia freed herself and went on the run. She later returned with her hair dyed black and wearing a new Scorpia armor attempting to kill a politician but was stopped by Spider-Man and Black Cat


Scorpia's first armor


  • Superhuman Strength - Scorpia's cybernetic enhancmenta make her far stronger than a normal human.
  • Scorpia armor - Scorpia wears armor equipped with laser blaster claw-shaped gauntlets and a mechanical tail that fires electrical stingers. Her new armor is more advanced, designed to look more like Scorpion's, with a more powerful tail.
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