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Ends of the Earth
Universe: Earth-616

Created by:

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Main Heroes:

Spider-Man, Avengers, Silver Sable

Main Villains:

Sinister Six

Ends of the Earth is a comic book storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man published by Marvel Comics in 2012.

The story is completely contained within issues #682 - 687 of The Amazing Spider-Man.


Peter Parker has been busy at Horizon Labs and is showcasing new technology that he developed. These include a Spider Glider and Spider Bombs; both of which are influenced by Spider-Man's old foe, Green Goblin. With this new technology, Spider-Man easily takes care of Equinox but one of the firefighters has his leg severed so Spider-Man helps get him to the hospital where he stands a chance to get his leg reattached.

Peter Parker has been developing new technology to combat any foe that he has faced before, specifically his worst enemies the Sinister Six.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jameson arrives and attempts to shut Horizon Labs down. He cites a number of offenses that give proof to how dangerous the Labs are. The real reason why he wants to shut down Horizon Labs is because they were almost responsible for the death of his son, John Jameson.

Our story switches over to a secret underwater location where the Sinister Six are plotting their next big move. Doctor Octopus has devised a plan to speed up global warming but this was just a sample of the technology that he has developed. He plans to use this technology, not to speed up global warming, but to reverse it and thus be remembered as the man who saved the world. Mary Jane and Peter Parker see through this scheme while the general populace is praising Doctor Octopus for his ingenuity.

Peter takes all the new technology that he has been building and dons a brand new costume. Meanwhile, the Avengers are divided on what exactly Doctor Octopus' motives are. Spider-Man shows up, clad in his new armor costume, and calls for the Avengers to assemble. After arriving with the Avengers and Silver Sable, the Rhino drowns her while Spider-Man faces and defeats Doctor Octopus.

Spider-Man spends the next few hours searching for Silver Sable's body, but is eventually relieved by the Black Widow (with orders from Captain America) who tells Spider-Man to help escort Doctor Octopus to the Raft. Since he is the expert on handling Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man is given no choice. Though Captain America tries to comfort the web-slinger by reminding him that Silver Sable was a trained mercenary and knew the risks, Spider-Man instead reminisces about a past adventure with Silver Sable and how he got to know her better.

In the end, he confronts Doctor Octopus and tells him that since his satellites will be destroyed, he will die without leaving any legacy. The Avengers depart with a final scene of an Octobot floating on the surface of the water.