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Enforcers (Earth-26496)
Founder(s): {{{founder(s)}}}
Leader(s): Montana

Current members:

Ox, Fancy Dan

Former members:

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Alignment: Bad
Universe: Earth-26496



First appearance:

Survival of the Fittest
Creators: Greg Weisman

The Enforcers are a group of mercenaries working for the Big Man.


The Enforcers started off as a mercenary group hired by Tombstone to get rid of Spider-Man, but they were defeated. Montana later became Shocker and worked without the others for a time. He later rejoined Ox and Fancy Dan to form the new Enforcers, this time giving Dan and Ox special suits that gave them special powers. At first, they beat Spider-Man when he tried to stop a bank heist they were pulling. They later tried to steal a large amount of gold bars, but this time they where beaten and put behind bars.

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