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Black Cat (Earth-92131)
Black Cat
Real name: Felicia Hardy
Other Aliases: Cat
Created by: John Semper, Marty Isenberg, Robert Skir
Voiced by: Jennifer Hale
Number of Appearances: 29
First Appearance: Sting of the Scorpion (as Felicia Hardy)

The Black Cat (as Black Cat)

Appearance of Death: None
Universe: Earth-92131
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Relatives: Unnamed paternal grandfather (deceased)

John Hardesky (father)

Anastasia Hardy (mother)

Place of Birth: Somewhere in America
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Spider-Man
Base of Operations: None
Abilities: {{{abilities}}}
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Hair Color: Blonde (as Felicia)

White (as Black Cat)

Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: None

Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, is the former partner of Spider-Man and is currently part of a team with her boyfriend Morbius, Blade, and Whistler whose goal is to hunt down and kill Miriam, the Queen of the Vampires.

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  • Originally a secondary character and love interest for Peter, Felicia was seen rarely in anything other than the regular "real world" coming into conflict with Peters hero work, Peter would set up dates with her and his life as Spiderman would come first, causing her to be angry at him and their date end poorly.
  • She eventually started dating Flash Thompson to both spite Peter and to make him jealous, but at this time Peter started dating Mary Jane and she largely fell into the background.
  • That is until she had an arc where her Father was being forced to steal for the Kingpin and Red Skull. At some point she was exposed to the same Super Soldier serum that was used to create Captain America.
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