200px-Flint Marko (Earth-96283)
Real name: Flint Marko
Aliases: Sandman
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 44 (Spider-Man 3)
(Born 1961)
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
Relatives/friends: Penny (daughter)
Emma Marko (ex-wife)
Characteristics: Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Portrayed by: Thomas Haden Church
Appearances: Spider-Man 3

Flint Marko (of Earth-96283) also known as the Sandman is the secondary antagonist in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3, turned to ally at the end of Spider-Man 3 portrayed by Thomas Haden Church.


Flint Marko steals to pay for medical treatment for his daughter Penny, who has an unspecified illness. While on the run from the police after escaping from prison, he accidentally falls into an experimental particle accelerator that molecularly binds him with sand, giving him shapeshifting sand abilities. A major focus of the plot of the film involves Flint's connection to the murder of Peter's Uncle Ben in the first film. The Sandman is later spotted by police officers walking down the streets of Manhattan. The Sandman gets on top of a dump truck filled with huge amounts of sand. When one of the policemen climbs atop of the truck, he is assaulted by a huge fist made out of sand. Having absorbed the truck's sand to add to his mass, a giant Sandman then emerges. The police shoot at Marko, but he manages to escape by turning into a sandstorm and flying away with the wind. At the Spider-Man fair, the sandstorm is spotted, and Spider-Man is asked to investigate. In doing so, Spider-Man confronts Sandman, foiling his attempt to rob an armored truck, but Sandman gets away. Later, at the police station, it is revealed by Police Captain George Stacy that there is evidence implicating Flint Uncle Ben's killer, and he also tells Peter and Aunt May that the carjacker that Peter confronted two years earlier was really Marko's accomplice, and did not fire the shot that killed Uncle Ben Parker. Peter is left feeling guilty over causing the death of the supposedly innocent carjacker, and letting the real killer get away. In the meantime, Sandman robs a bank, and Spider-Man, now with enhanced abilities due to his new black suit, chases him to the subways. During their fight, Spider-Man manages to burst a water tank, flooding The Sandman in water and turning him into mud, which is swept through a water grate. Believing that The Sandman is dead, Spider-Man leaves in satisfaction, but unbeknownst to him, The Sandman, who is washed out of the river, is able to eventually reconstitute himself. Later, Spider-Man tears the Symbiote off of his body in a bell tower after learning of its parasitic nature, and it bonds with Eddie Brock to become Venom, who convinces The Sandman to team up with him to destroy Spider-Man. The two kidnap Mary Jane Watson and take her to a construction site, forcing Spider-Man to face them both. During the fight, The Sandman uses the site's sand to again increase his size, turning into a version of himself several stories high. After Venom restrains Spider-Man with his webbing, almost strangling him, Sandman nearly beats Spider-Man to death, but for the intervention of Harry Osborn, who comes to his friend's aid with his goblin arsenal as well as his New Goblin guise. Harry explodes a pumpkin bomb at The Sandman, and then distracts Venom enough to free Spider-Man. Working together, the two manage to save Mary Jane and defeat The Sandman and Venom, though at the cost of Harry and Eddie's lives. The Sandman returns to his normal size, and having discovered Spider-Man's real identity, he reveals that his shooting of Uncle Ben was an accident while he was trying to carjack Uncle Ben. During the incident, Uncle Ben attempts to reason with Flint, but The Burglar arrived and startled Flint, causing him to shoot Ben accidentally. Sensing that The Sandman is telling the truth, and understanding the importance of forgiveness over revenge, Spider-Man forgives him, and The Sandman shape shifts and flies away.

Out of every super villain in the Sam Raimi trilogy, he is the only one to be alive. Venom, Doc Ock, and each of the Goblins are all dead.

Powers and Abilities

  • Body Conversion- Sand: The Sandman possesses the superhuman ability to convert his body into sand by mental command. The sand functions identically to, and appears to be, normal flesh. However, he can convert all or parts of his body into animated sand at will. His brain has attained subliminal awareness of all granulated particles of his body. Through conscious effort, he can affect the degree of molecular cohesion between the numerous adjoining surfaces of his particles and thus cause locomotion of discrete volumes, down to the individual grains. *
  • Superhuman Strength: As a consequence of having a body composed of animated sand, the Sandman possesses phenomenal superhuman strength, able to lift up to 85 tons under optimal conditions. *
  • Density Control: His radically mutagenically altered body composition and increased density enable him to compact or loosen the particles of sand that make up his form. Consequently, the Sandman can become as hard as sandstone, or disperse his body so that he becomes invulnerable to physical attacks. A favorite tactic of the Sandman is making himself slightly dispersed when an opponent punches him, and then making himself rock-solid again, entrapping his opponent's appendage. *
  • Shape-shifting: He can shape his sand-state body into any continuous shape he can imagine, including his forearms into weapons like hammers, spiked maces, and large fists, stretching, elongating, deforming, expanding, flattening, or compressing all or, phase through small openings, etc. *
  • Sand Blasts: He can project his sand particles outward at high speeds and, when in the shape of a bulky object, with the impact of a large sandbag. *
  • Reformation: The Sandman maintains mental control of the particles of which his body is composed so that he can reform his scattered grains unless a substantial portion of his body mass has been isolated. *
  • Sand Conversion: Apparently, he can also convert common grains of sand around him into constituents of his body to replenish portions he might lose track of during battle. In this manner, he can increase his overall size and volume (to some as yet unknown limit), or that of his limbs. There appears to be no limit to how long the Sandman can remain in his sand-state. If he were to be rendered unconscious while in his sand-state, he would remain in that state, although the relaxing of his control over his particles would cause him to become an amorphous pile of sand. The Sandman's mind continues to function in astral form even when he has turned his head into sand and even when the particles of sand that composed his brain are widely scattered. The limit to how far the particles of his brain can be dispersed before he is unable to reassemble is not yet known.


  • Water: The Sandman's weakness that makes him most vulnerable is water. Water can soften his sand granules therefore, Sandman cannot control them and has to wait for them to dry.

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