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Frightful Four during Superior Carnage
Frightful Four
Founder(s): Wizard, Trapster, Sandman
Leader(s): Wizard

Current members:

Wizard, Carnage (Dr. Malus), Klaw, Carnage (Symbiote)

Former members:

Sandman, Medusa, Thundra, Dragon Man, Electro, Llyra, Man-Bull, Brute, Aron the Rogue Watcher, Dreadknight, She-Thing, Red Ghost, Constrictor, Taskmaster, Deadpool, Punisher, Quicksand, Cole Wittman, Salamandra the Fire Maiden, Hydro-Man, Trapster, Titania. Thing and Spider-Man were hypnotized into joining, and Captain Ultra and the Osprey applied for membership, but were rejected for separate reasons.


Alignment: Bad
Universe: Earth-616


Subterranean Manhattan headquarters; formerly Queens water tower; Wizard's suburban New York home and cabin; various others

First appearance:

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Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

The Frighful Four (of Earth-616) was a supervillain team founded by the Wizard, Trapster, and Sandman dedicated to humiliating the Fantastic Four by becoming an evil, mirror counterpart.





  • Sandman
  • Medusa
  • Thundra
  • Dragon Man
  • Electro
  • Llyra
  • Man-Bull
  • Brute
  • Aron the Rogue Watcher
  • Dreadknight
  • She-Thing
  • Red Ghost
  • Constrictor
  • Taskmaster
  • Deadpool
  • Punisher
  • Quicksand
  • Cole Wittman, the Wizard's daughter
  • Salamandra the Fire Maiden, the Wizards Ex-Wife
  • Hydro-Man
  • Trapster
  • Titania

Applied for membership, but were rejected for separate reasons:[]

  • Captain Ultra
  • Osprey

Forced to join by hypnotism:[]



Various vehicles built by Wizard.


Individual members' weapons.