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Swarm (Fritz von Meyer)
Full Name: Fritz von Meyer
First Appearance: Champions Vol. 1 #14
Created by: Bill Mantlo, John Byrne
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany
Citizenship: German
Base: Formerly South Africa
Affiliations: Leader of the All-New Sinister Six; formerly Exterminators, Nazi Party
Height: 6' 5" (Variable)
Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg) (Variable; Originally 210 lbs)
Hair Color: No Hair (originally black)
Eye Color: Yellow (honey) (originally brown)
Unique Features: He is only a skeleton surrounded by bees

Fictional Character Biography

Fritz von Meyer is a fictional character and supervillain, an enemy of Spider-Man. A former Nazi sympathizer, his most notable feature is that his entire body is composed of bees. Fritz von Meyer was born in Leipzig, Germany, and became one of Hitler's top scientists. Escaping capture after World War II he became a beekeeper or apiarist in South America, and discovered a colony of mutated bees. Intrigued by their intelligence and passive nature, von Meyer attempted to enslave the queen bee, but failed and the bees devoured him, leaving only his skeleton.

The unique qualities of the bees caused his consciousness to be absorbed into them, allowing von Meyer to manipulate the hive to do his will, although some of his skeletal remains are inside the swarm itself. His consciousness merged with the swarm to the extent that they become one being. Swarm surfaced to battle Spider-Man, in the first of many fights against him. Swarm lost his skeleton in this battle, but returned to fight Spider-Man (no longer having the skeleton but still possessing von Meyer's consciousness), but feedback from a weapon fired by Rhino caused Swarm's bee body to disperse temporarily. Swarm next appeared when a supercollider from Rand Industries was activated and called his/their attention.

Swarm decided mankind should be exterminated so insects can rule the world. Dr. Druid convinced Swarm that mankind will exterminate themselves and the age of insects can begin. Eventually, however, Swarm tired of waiting and, after a psychic wave generated by Onslaught disrupted the psychic field that bound him and his bees together, returned to New York, forcing a group of scientists investigating energy fields to help him not only restore his original field, but expand it to grant him control of every bee on Earth. As New York was invaded by bees, Spider-Man, tracking the bees to their destination and taking advantage of the swarms' instinctive memory of Peter's use of Raid in their last battle causing them to automatically flinch away from him, infiltrated the building and contacted the scientists.

Tricking Swarm into allowing him to construct a device designed to negate the vibrational frequency that the bees created to allow themselves to fly, Spider-Man grounded Swarm and the bees, subsequently recovering the Queen of Swarm's hive and leaving her in the care of the authorities, reasoning that without her Swarm wouldn't be a future threat. Swarm (now back with an internal skeleton) felt that the fall of the criminal organization the Pride allowed access to their former territory, specifically Los Angeles. However, he/they are defeated by the Runaways, protectors of the city, when his/their body of bees' mental link is disrupted by electrical blasts.

He regained control over his colony and joins the Chameleon's Exterminators to kill Spider-Man, now that Peter Parker had revealed his true identity. Swarm attacked Mary Jane Watson, who sprayed Swarm with water while a co-worker smashed Swarm's skeleton, but the bees reformed around it as bodyguards from Tony Stark take him/them away. Swarm next turned up in Denver, Colorado, having amassed enough bees to become giant-sized. Norman Osborn dispatched a brainwashed Venom, who devoured Swarm's bones. Osborn speculated this was, by now, a minor inconvenience that should not prevent Swarm's return. Swarm next turned up in Buenos Aires having his intelligence again. He fought The Avengers by creating 'avatars' made of bees.

Powers & Abilities

Swarm is a composite being of hundreds of thousands of bees driven by a human intelligence. He is technically intangible, as his body is merely an aggregate of tiny forms. He can fly through the air and assume any shape and size he desires. Fritz can mentally influence the actions of other bees, the full range of which may extend over hundreds of yards in radius. At first, Swarm seemed capable of only controlling other bees, but he has exhibited the ability to communicate/control other insects as well. Fritz von Meyer's skeleton, the focal point of his consciousness, remained behind as his only remains until they were devoured by Venom.

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