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Future Foundation in Marvel NOW!
Future Foundation
Founder(s): Mister Fantastic
Leader(s): Ant-Man, formerly Mister Fantastic

Current members:

Ant-Man, Bentley, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Miss Thing, Onome, Alex Power, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, She-Hulk, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu, Adolf Impossible

Former members:

Doctor Doom, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, Franklin Richards (future), Nathaniel Richards, Valeria Richards (future), Spider-Man, Thing, Ahura, Medusa


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Baxter Building, New York City, New York State; Foundation (research station), Earth Orbit

First appearance:

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Creators: Jonathan Hickman, Neil Edwards

The Future Foundation (of Earth-616) is a superhuman school founded by Reed Richards to train the next generation of heroes to properly use their gifted intellects, so they can solve the various problems plaguing our world both in the present and the future.



Reed Richards became discouraged by how Earth's scientists view science and its applications. Richards decides to put together a new group of free thinking individuals to plan for a better future for all of humanity. Richards plans to mold the new young team so they will come up with solutions to the world's problems.


Current members[]

  • Fantastic Four Team 2
    • Ant-Man (current leader)
    • Miss Thing
    • She-Hulk - Gamma Mutant
  • Bentley - clone of the Wizard
  • Dragon Man - joined after being upgraded by Mister Fantastic
  • Korr - evolved Moloid
  • Leech - a Mutant
  • Artie Maddicks - a depowered Mutant
  • Mik - evolved Moloid
  • Onome - daughter of a Wakandan engineer
  • Alex Power
  • Franklin Richards
  • Valeria Richards
  • Tong - Evolved Moloid
  • Turg - Evolved Moloid
  • Vil - co-heir of the Uhari throne
  • Wu - co-heir of the Uhari throne
  • Adolf Impossible - Impossible Man's son

Former Members[]



Vehicles of the Fantastic Four[]

  • Fantasti-Car MK - Obsolete
  • Fantasti-Car MK I (Flying Bathtub) - Obsolete
  • Pogo Plane MK - Obsolete
  • Passenger ICBM - Obsolete


  • Each member of the foundation has a assigned to them which also appears somewhere on their uniform: each member of the Fantastic Four have a "4" on thier uniforms. Franklin and his future self have a "5" on their uniforms. Valeria and her future self have a "6" on their uniforms. Alex Power has a "7" on his uniform. Vil has a "8" on his uniform. Wu has a "9" on his uniform. Mik has a "10" on his uniform. Tong has a "11" on his uniform. Turg has a "12" on his uniform. Bently has a "13" on his uniform. There are members who don't have numbers assigned to them as Spider-Man, Nathaniel Richards, Dragon Man, and Doctor Doom don't have numbers. The exact purpose of these numbers and how they are chosen for each individual is currently unknown.

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