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Goblin Nation
Goblin Nation
Universe: Earth-616

Created by:

Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos

Main Heroes:

Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man 2099

Main Villains:

Goblin Underground

Goblin Nation is a Spider-Man comic book crossover storyline. 

Publishing History[]

The storyline was published by Marvel Comics from January 2014 to April 2014 and told through three Spider-Man titles.


The Realization[]

The story begins with Otto (In Peter Parker's body) overlooking NYC. He's panicking because he can't understand what he did wrong that allowed the Goblin serum to infect NY. His spider-bots are not telling which vectors of the city are in trouble, and he becomes frustrated at this. He finally deduces that all along he's been tracking the wrong Goblin, realizing it was Norman Osborn all along.

Meanwhile, Peter continues to wander around in his memories, trying his best to hold on. When Otto begins searching Peter's memories in order to learn how to defeat the Goblin King, Peter realizes he has to hide or else Otto will find him and destroy him permanently. Peter travels to a memory of one of their confrontations. He inserts himself into Otto's memories and is forced to watch all of Otto's memories, from the beginning to the end.

Finding a Solution[]

Otto heads back to his place to try and figure out what went wrong with his spider-bots. Anna Maria, Otto's girlfriend, comes in to bring him food. He has a present for her, but right then he realizes that the spider-bots failed to recognize their actual targets because it was never programmed into their system. He calls Uatu Jackson, the one who made the spider-bots, but Uatu hangs up due to his dislike for "Peter Parker". Meanwhile, Jonah Jameson heads over to Alchemax to oversee the production of the newest Spider-Slayers. 

Jameson meets up with the CEO of Alchemax, along with the two scientists who created the Spider-Slayers, Dr. Stone and Miguel O'Hara (who is using the name Michael O'Mara as a cover name). Jameson makes it clear that he wants Spider-Man killed, ordering Stone to send out the Spider-Slayers.

Meanwhile, Otto goes to visit Uatu Jackson as Spider-Man, telling him his quarrel with Peter Parker can wait, but he will answer to Spider-Man. Uatu and Otto discover that the software was hacked to ignore anyone wearing a Goblin mask or the Goblin insignia. Uatu remembers suddenly that his friend Captain Watanbe might be in trouble, but Otto tells him she isn't their first priority.

At Parker Industries, Watanbe is questioning Ms. Jaffrey on where Peter Parker is, but she informs her that Peter has been missing and has not done anything to help the company. Watanbe makes it clear that until their missing police officer is found, they'll be camped out in front of Parker Industries.

The Search[]

Otto goes into the subway tunnels in search of the Goblin King, and discovers that he's been using the subway trains to transport his men into and out of the city without detection. Right when Otto is in his train of thought, the Goblin King and his henchmen surround Otto. Otto assesses the situation to determine his fight tactics, when the Goblin King tells his men to leave, that they were simply just to show off. Otto calls him a fool for giving up his strategical advantage, but Goblin King reveals that he knows it's Otto In Spider-Man's head thanks to Carlie Cooper's journal. She had calculated and evaluated that Peter and Otto had long since switched bodies.

The Trap[]

Goblin King offers Otto to join him in ruling NY, saying that tthey both know that only those who break the rules and men of their intellect could rule the city and change the world. He infuriates Otto though, when he refers to him as his "second". Otto furiously attacks Goblin, telling him that he is no longer Doctor Octopus but is now Spider-Man, and his finest hour will come when he defeats the Goblin King. The Goblin laughs, but when he attacks he discovers that all along it was a hologram of Otto. Otto mocks him, but it turns out to be a trap. Goblin pinpoints Otto's location to Spider-Island and orders his Goblins to destroy Spider-Island.

4005589-superior spider-man27

Norman offers Otto to join him

Many civilians watch as the Goblins bomb and destroy Spider-Island. Meanwhile, Otto is confused at how the Goblin tricked him even though he cracked the Goblin's security system. As he is thinking, the structure of the lab begins to collapse. As one of Otto's spiderlings is saying that they need to go, a pumpkin bomb explodes and kills him. The Living Brain, who is Otto's assistant, protects Otto from harm. Otto finally regains his composure and orders a full retreat. He escapes by sea on the Living Brain's back, but is spotted by the Goblins and is forced to submerge.

Memory Lost[]

Meanwhile, Peter continues to relive Otto's memories. He sees that Otto was raised by a love-smothering mother and an abusive father. Peter keeps reminding himself that he can't forget that he is Peter Parker and not Otto Octavius, but he struggles as he realizes they have so much in common, minus the beatings at home and Otto's aggressive attitude. Slowly Peter begins to think he is Otto Octavius, but he continues to fight the urge.

Big Plans[]

The army of Goblins now celebrate their victory on the rubble of Spider-Island. They all kneel to the Goblin King as he approaches. He asks where Spider-Man is, and they inform him that he got away. Goblin says to not worry because Spider-Man will have to come out soon before people start suffering.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jameson calls a press conference to address the Goblin attacks and announce the release of the "Goblin-Slayers". They are still the Spider-Slayers, but upgraded to attack the Goblins instead. Meanwhile, at Mary Jane's apartment in Brooklyn, she tells her boyfriend Ollie that Jameson is out of his mind. She doesn't like the fact that he's using the Spider-Slayers and just changing their name to the Goblin-Slayers, and she wonders why he never brought them out sooner. At that very moment, two Goblin children attack MJ, but she comes prepared and webs them up using Peter's old web shooters. She calls it a "gift from the ex". She then explains that now it's all a game to the Goblin now. She and Ollie flee the apartment.

New Plan[]

Otto reappears at the port behind Parker Industries with the Living Brain. Ms. Jaffrey is waiting for him and begins to question why he has the Living Brain with him, and why Spider-Man's equipment is webbed up to the Living Brain's back. Otto dismisses this, and becomes worried when he realizes that Carlie Cooper is missing. He knows she knows that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same. Right then, Wraith (who is really Captain Watanbe) appears to question Otto. Wraith threatens Otto and asks him where Carlie is, but he tells her he has no idea. Her mask, which can read facial expressions, tells her he's telling the truth, but she becomes confused and frustrated.

Right then, one of the Goblins from the Spider-Island bombing appears and attacks Wraith, saying Parker is hers. Otto finds this as an opportunity to escape. But Otto stops to realise that Wraith's lenses on her mask are like his spider-bots, they can't see or detect any Goblins, which explains why she's being beaten. The Goblin turns her attention to Otto and reveals herself as Carlie Cooper. Otto then realizes that the Goblin King knows everything, that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same.

It shows Goblin soldiers showing up to take Aunt May and Jay Jameson, but they have already fled. MJ and Ollie went and got them out of there. MJ is talking to her Aunt, telling her to get out of the city. When her Aunt asks if she's with Peter, she tells her she's with Ollie, her new boyfriend. Aunt May is worried about Peter, but MJ assures her Peter is somewhere safe.

Memory Loss[]

Meanwhile, Peter is still wondering around in Otto's memories. He becomes shocked when he believes he feels relief at the death of Otto's father, knowing he should feel guilty. Peter more and more starts to believe he is Otto Octavius, but he keeps willing himself to remember he is Peter Parker. But Peter can't stop racing through memories, can't stop referring to himself as Otto. He loses himself entirely when he remembers the day that Otto became Doctor Octopus, and Peter begins calling himself Otto.

Newer Plan[]

Meanwhile, Carlie continues to attack Otto. Otto orders the Living Brain to distract her as he takes Ms. Jaffrey into Parker Industries. She becomes frustrated with Otto, reminding him that he said it would be different now, not like Horizon Labs. Otto informs her he has set up defenses, which comes to fruition when Carlie breaks in and is attacked by tentacles. She breaks through easily as Otto pushes Ms. Jaffrey into another room. Otto figures by splitting up with Ms. Jaffrey, he'll keep Carlie's attention on him.

He knows it's a complete disaster when she wants some "alone" time with him. Otto attacks her and is ready to apparently kill her, but she stops him and says he got her right in the earpiece so now the Goblin King can't hear them. She quickly explains that he's her only hope of being cured and returning to normal. In addition, she tells him that he has no idea what the Goblin King has planned next.

Meanwhile, as Anna Maria is trying to escape the city, Lily Hollister, aka Menace, tricks Anna Maria into thinking she's there to get her out of the city but she kidnaps her instead and takes her to the Goblin King.


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