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While travelling through the Savage Land, Kraven the Hunter finds a crashed space ship in quicksand and ventures inside. There, he finds the juvenile and minuscule Gog and another member of species, who had apparently died during the space ship crash landing. Deciding to save the young Gog from his sinking ship, Kraven takes him with him, names him Gog and decides to raise him as a pet; much to Kraven's surprise, Gog rapidly grows to gigantic size only days after being found by him.

Kraven, realizing how useful Gog can be, decides to use him in a plot to conquer the Savage Land; after kidnapping the visiting Gwen Stacy from a camp in the Savage Land, Kraven and Gog battle the heroes Ka-Zar and Spider-Man. While Ka-Zar deals with Kraven, Spider-Man defeats Gog by luring him into a patch of quicksand, which he sinks to the bottom of.

Gog would later be saved from dying in the quicksand by the Plunderer. Having Gog, who created a device that allowed him to speak English, act as his servant, the Plunderer uses him in a plot to try and steal the super soldier serum in New York. Followed to New York by Ka-Zar, Gog and the Plunderer battle him before Gog, using his teleportation bracelets, escapes, first to the Statue of Liberty], then the World Trade Center and finally, to another dimension.

Gog is later found in the dimension he escaped to by Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six, who induct the creature into their group as the sixth and final member of it. Aiding the Sinister Six fight a multitude of heroes, Gog was beaten in combat and shrunken by Reed Richards, who sent him back to the the dimension the Sinister Six found him in.

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