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Homo Sapiens Superior
Body Type: Humanoid
Skin: Usually that of a human. Can vary depending on type of mutation.

Special Adaptations:

Varies based on mutation.

Unusual Features:

Varies based on mutation.

Planet of Origin:


"We're mutants. Born different from baseline humanity, with an enhanced genome that gives us super-powers. You piss us off at your peril."
— Shadowcat

Mutants, also known as Homo sapiens superior and Homo superior, are a subspecies of Homo sapiens that originated on the planet Earth. What makes them different from other Homo sapiens is that they are born with a X-Gene in their D.N.A., that is not present in most types of Homo sapiens, that grants them superhuman abilitys when they enter puberty.




Secondary Mutation


Avengers vs. X-Men

Alternate Realities

Mutants from another species

Powers & Abilities




Variable. Most do speak fluent English.


Variable. Human intolerance and hatred.


Children of members of the Homo Superior race, most often have very similar, exact duplicates, or advanced versions of one or both parents' powers (example: Lady Mastermind, Wallflower, Polaris, Daken, Nightcrawler, Ruby Summers). Occasionally, the resulting offspring can have radically different powers (examples: Quicksilver, Magma). Neither of these results are uncommon when crossbreeding between Homo Superior and Homo Sapiens. Familial power similarities are not only passed from parent to child, but can also be common between siblings in first generation mutants families (examples: Frost Family Tree, Xavier Family Tree, Summers and Grey Family Tree). Though less common, powers can also vary widely within first generation mutants (examples: Guthrie Family Tree and Rasputin Family Tree) just as with parental power inheritance. In very rare instances, a child of two Homo Superiors can evolutionarily regress and be born Homo Sapiens without an X-Gene (example: Graydon Creed). Homo Superior have been shown to successfully crossbreed with several other genus Homo species (Homo sapiens, Homo inhumanus, Homo mermanus, etc.), gods (Asgardians, Eternals, etc.) and other humanoid aliens (Shi'ar, Mephitisoids, etc.). However, the union of the mutant Quicksilver and the inhuman Crystal has result in the supposedly cancelling of the genetic markers denoting these subgroups in humanity, leaving her a normal human.



According to Damian Tryp, Homo Killcrop is a genetic predecessor to Homo Superior. Also known as Changelings or Replacement People, this category of mutants possess an X-Gene which manifests at birth instead of during adolescence. The evolutionary trait of delaying the onset of mutant powers helped more members of the species survive and proliferate. Changelings are still considered by most to be merely a subset of mutants. Also see the list of Changelings.


The Cheyarafim are a subset of angel-like mutants. Apparently the only survivor of the Cheyarafim is Angel. Also see the list of Cheyarafim.

Depowered Mutants

Most depowered mutants are a result of M-Day. Some depowered mutants results other interventions such as the Hope Serum, power neutralizing guns, or losing powers due to other mutants. Some of these effects are temporary, but others are permanent. Some depowered mutants still consider themselves cultural mutants despite not having powers. The depowered mutants remain unaffiliated with any group, but some banded together to form groups like the Former Order of Mutants, a new formation of the New Warriors, or the terrorist group X-Cell. Many of them were interviewed by Sally Floyd for her "ex-Mutants diaries". The vast majorities of them quit the mutant culture. Also see the list of Depowered Mutants. Depowered mutants are generally divided into two categories:

  • Pans stands for Pass As Normal. These are former mutants who now appear completely human. Examples include Beak, Lex, Latonya Jefferson and Prodigy.
  • Rems is short for remnants. These are former mutants left with some artifact of their former powers such as horns, bone crests, wings or odd tentacles. Examples include Artie Maddicks, Marrow, Ned Ralston and Blob.

Repowered mutants

A few former mutants were repowered by various processes. Some were repowered by Celestials gifts. Polaris, Gazer, Sunfire repowered by Apocalypse celestial technonologywhile Magneto was repowered by using the product of the "lobotomisation of the Celestial Dreamer" in an experiment with the Master of Evolution. Several mutants were repowered by the use of the Terrigen Mists stolen from the Inhumans by Quicksilver. However, these repowered mutants suffered with their powers enhanced beyond the control of their users. Only two beings retained their powers from the Mists: Quicksilver and his daughter, Luna Maximoff. Others sundry processes for repowering mutants include the Scarlett Witch's spell to restore Rictor's powers, Chamber's regaining his powers after Legion's Age of X reality alteration, or Charles Xavier by approaching the nexus of the realities in the M'Kraan Crystal. A few others such as Stacy-X, Feral, or Wildchild were repowered without any explanation. No former mutants have yet to have regained their powers lost on M-Day after the dispersion of the Phoenix.

Dominant Species

Maximus Lobo claimed he belong to a sub-species of lupine mutants he called the Dominant Species. Additionally, Romulus claimed some human mutants evolved from canines instead of primates. Examples would include Wolfsbane, Feral and Wolf Cub. Also see the list of Lupine Form.


The Externals were a small group of immortal mutants, who posed themselves as a subspecies. Also see the list of Externals.

Homo Insectus

It was stated that one-third of the world's human population still carries the vestigial "insect gene", and Ana Soria is the only known mutant of this subspecies, the Homo Insectus.

Homo Supreme

It was stated that Mr. Immortal is not a Homo Superior, but the first member of the new species: Homo Supreme.


The Neo believe themselves to be the next step of human-mutant evolution. The Neo appear to possess X-Genes, but claim to be far more powerful than regular mutants. The Neo separate themselves from the rest of mutants and isolate themselves from society. The Neo were affected by M-Day just like the rest of mutantkind. Not long after the return of Mutant Messiah, the Neo attacked Utopia and were completely killed by the Evolutionaries.


The Neyaphem are a subset of demonic-looking mutants. They claim to be some of the oldest and most powerful mutants. Almost all of the Neyaphem are currently dead or depowered. Also see the list of Neyaphem.

Omega Level Mutants

Mutant power classifications have never been fully explained. However, Omega Level Mutant is a term that is commonly used to refer to a mutant possessing powers without foreseeable limits. Examples include Elixir's biokinesis and Legion's spontaneous mutations.

Beyond Omega

Some mutants were described to be beyond Omega. Vulcan by Prof. X after being exposed to burst of mutant energy and Franklin Richards by Celestials.


It has been revealed that there is a whole different species of Mutant that are "less evolved" than the certain Mutant. It is unknow how long they been around but the but the test on the DNA show that it's 1700 years old. They are known possess variants of powers.



Earth, primarily Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales. Formerly concentrations in Utopia, San Francisco Bay, California; Genosha; Neverland, Canada; Mutant Town, New York


9.80665 m / s2


Roughly 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.038% Carbon Dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.




Type of Government:

Government type unknown.

Level of Technology:

Technology level unknown.

Cultural Traits:

Cultural traits unknown.



  • Cyclops - Leader of the Mutant Revolution, Former leader of the mutant nation on the Utopia
  • Wolverine - Headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning


There is a clear distinction between mutants and mutated human.

  • Mutants are a species evolved from Homo Sapiens Sapiens and known as Homo Sapiens Superiors. They are distinguished by the presences of an X-Gene.
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