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Founder(s): Iron Man
Leader(s): None

Current members:


Former members:

"Black Bolt", Captain America, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Medusa, Namor, Professor X, Beast, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Captain Britain, Amadeus Cho, Doc Green, Mister Fantastic, Yellowjacket


Alignment: Neutral
Universe: Earth-616


None; formerly Necropolis, Wakanda; Funtime Inc.; Avengers Mansion; Baxter Building

First appearance:

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Creators: Brian Michael Bendis
Steve McNiven

"You're used to dealing with heroes... But what you don't have much experience with is kings. And that's your problem here. You can't think of them as normal men. You can't even think of them as behaving human--that's thinking too small... They are larger than that, bigger than that... They exist above other men because they were born that way. Authority began at the cradle, you see. Their very idea of morality is different than what you are used to. The people--their people--expect them to do violence to ensure a certain amount of peace and prosperity. And like gods, they are also expected to commit murder... So the people can sleep at night knowing they are protected."
— Maximus

The Illuminati (of Earth-616) is a covert think-tank comprised of the world's smartest super-heroes that each represent one of the major aspects of Human society. At any given time there is at least 1 representative for each of the races that occupy the planet Earth in the group, so that all viewpoints and interests can be represented. The group works behind the scences to ensure the Earth's saftey usually through tactics that most heroes would find morally questionable.


  • TBA






  • The Bridge
  • Incursion Detection devices



  • Lockjaw
  • Quinjet


  • Each members' arsenal
  • Sol's Hammer
  • Antimatter Injection Systems


  • In Infinity Vol. 1 #1, Black Swan was listed as being a member of the Illuminati even though she hadn't been depicted as a member in any of her appearances prior to the Infinity event. This caused confusion among the fan base over the validity of her membership in the group. This issue was later clarified on series editor Tom Brevoort's Tumblr page where he confirmed that Black Swan isn't a member of the Illuminati and was only listed as one in the comic's opening sequence for the sake of convenience.


  • During the Dark Reign event, Mister Fantastic discovered that out of all the realities in the Multiverse that had gone through a Super Hero Civil War and had a version of the Illuminati in it, only 67 of those realities had attained a lasting peace.
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