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Inhomo supremis
Body Type: Humanoid
Skin: Variable

Special Adaptations:

Unusual Features:

Planet of Origin:


Inhumans, also known as Inhomo supremis, Inhomo Supremis and Homo sapiens inhumanus; are a subspecies of Homo sapiens that develop a variety of superhuman abilities when exposed to the Terrigen Mists.


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Since the Kree experimented on the inhabitants of over one hundred worlds, there are many different types of Inhumans including:

Homo sapiens inhumanus

Homo sapiens inhumanus are the type of Inhuman indigenous to the planet Earth.

The Inhumans of Earth are indistinguishable from ordinary humans until they go through Terrigenesis where they develop a wide variety of powers which are usually accompanied by some sort of physical mutation. This is not true for all of Earth's Inhumans, as a small percentage of them retain their human appearance after the transformation.

There are many sub-groups of Homo sapiens inhumanus who have come into existence from crossbreeding with the various races that also came the planet Earth home, such as NuHumans and Bird-People.


The term NuHumans is used the describe the Human/Inhuman hybrids whose Inhuman lineage was revealed as result of expose to the massive quantities of Terrigen Mist released into Earth's atmosphere by the Terrigen Bomb.


Bird-People a genetically stable off-shoot of Homo sapiens inhumanus who live in the floating city Aerie.

All the Inhhumans from the Bird-People off-shoot look the same as regular humans, but with a pair of large wings on their backs. Not all Bird-People have the same kind of wings though as their wings come in varying colors and some even have bat-like wings instead of bird-like.

Artificial Inhumans

It has recently be shown that it is possible to create Artificial Inhumans by splicing the DNA of already existing Inhumans and/or Inhumans who are still in the middle of Terrigenesis with individuals that lack Inhuman ancestry.

Through this process, the artificial Inhuman gains the powers and sometimes the physical mutations of the Inhuman who DNA was used.

Inhuman Centaurians

Inhuman Centaurians are the type of Inhuman indigenous to the planet Centauri-IV.

Unlike the Inhumans of Earth who gain their powers through Terrigenesis, Inhuman Centaurians gain their powers through Isogenesis which is induced by an Isogen Orb extract injection.

The Inhumans of Centauri-IV are indistinguishable from ordinary Centaurians except for a very small percentage of them though have been shown to go through a physical mutation following Isogenesis like the majority of their Earth based cousins do.

Wraith Inhumans

Wraith Inhumans are the type of Inhuman indigenous to the planet Wraithworld.

Unlike the Inhumans of Earth who gain their powers through Terrigenesis, Wraith Inhumans gain their powers through Exogenesis which is triggered by inhaling a mutagenic substance known as Exogen Spice.

Inhuman Badoon

Inhuman Badoon are the type of Inhuman indigenous to the planet Lotlara.

Unlike the Inhumans of Earth who gain their powers through Terrigenesis, Inhuman Badoon gain their powers through Amphogenesis which is triggered by injecting a single drop of diluted Amphogen water into the individual.

Inhuman Kymellians

Inhuman Kymellians are the type of Inhuman indigenous to the planet Kymel.

Unlike the Inhumans of Earth who gain their powers through Terrigenesis, Inhuman Kymellians gain their powers through Antigenesis which is triggered by ingesting nectar from the blooms of a Antigen Tree.


Utopians at the Inhumans native to the reality known as Earth-712.

Unlike their counterparts in the prime reality, Utopians don't need to go through any sort of transformation to gain their powers, but instead are born with their powers.

Powers & Abilities


Varies, if any.


Due to their closed society, Inhumans have a far lower threshold to disease and pollution than ordinary humans.



Earth, primarily Attilan.


Same as Earth.


Same as Earth, though with no germs or pollution.


At present there are about 1,230 living Inhumans, all of whom dwell in Attilan.


Type of Government

Hereditary Monarchy

Inhuman society is also formatted in the style of a genocracy; ruled by the genetically fittest. As such, the elected Genetics Council is the major ruling body of the Inhumans, after the Royal Family.

Level of Technology

Mostly Genetic Manipulation, though in general superior to Earth standard.

Echo-Technology, which utilizes power from vibranium capacitors that store whispers of Black Bolt, including Echo-Skeleton Armor and Echo-Weapons (designed by Maximus).

Cultural Traits

Miscegenation Prohibition, Rigid Caste System based on abilities, Conformists.

Marriages have long been arranged by the government to eugenically further the race with couples only allowed to have a maximum of two offspring.

Those born with powers not useful enough to Inhuman society are cast off to live in the Darkward End of Attilan as rejected outcasts and unmentionables to be detached from their former associates and family members.


  • Which of humanity's ancestors the Kree experimented on to create the Inhuman race is a source of debate in Marvel Comics as Dal Damoc originally stated that the Inhuman race was the byproduct of Kree experiments on Homo antecessor, but this was later contradicted by Karnak who stated that the Kree experimented on Homo neanderthalensis not Homo antecessor and was contradicted again by Queen Medusa who recently stated that it was Homo sapiens instead of Homo neanderthalensis.
  • Along with the Kree, the Inhumans can also a by-product of the Celestials' tampering as it was the Celestials who sparked the "recessive genetic potential for greatness in the human DNA code".
  • The Kree have stated that the Inhumans were of Kree lineage and that they had Kree blood and genes as a result of the experiments originally conducted on their ancestors.


  • When asked if there was a way to distinguish Inhumans from mutants, Tom Brevoort (presumably joking) stated that all Inhumans were left-handed.
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