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"Invasion of the Spider-Slayers" is a six-part storyline by Marvel Comics.


Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) title series starting to November 1992 to January 1993, featuring Spider-Man against a series of "Spider-Slayers" created by Alistair Smythe.


In an act of revenge against Spider-Man for the death of Spencer Smythe, Alistair Smythe created his version of "Spider-Slayers". He unleashed several slayers which included a small arachnid that worked as a tracking device, a six-tentacled amoeboid, a towering humanoid slayer with multiple personality disorder, a black widow, tarantula, and a scorpion. Alistair constructed several of the slayers with the "assistance" of inmates he liberated from a private sanitarium, goading Spider-Man into several battles that inadvertently involved others such as Scorpion (Mac Gargan) and Black Cat.

Spider-Man finally decided to take the fight to Alistair where he was forced to fight the final slayer which was Alistair Smythe. Smythe had encased himself in a full-body suit, increasing his strength, speed, agility and restoring his ability to walk, becoming what he said was the "Ultimate Spider-Slayer". After a fight, Spider-Man finally defeated him. Smythe was taken into custody and the inmates returned to the sanitarium.

Reading order

  • Part 1: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #368 - "On Razored Wings"
  • Part 2: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #369 - "Electric Doom"
  • Part 3: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #370 - "Life Stings"
  • Part 4: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #371 - "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
  • Part 5: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #372 - "Arachnophobia Too!"
  • Part 6: Amazing Spider-Man, (Volume 1) #373 - "The Bedlam Perspective"
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