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Will o' the Wisp
Full Name: Dr. Jackson Arvad
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) 167
Created by: Len Wein, Ross Andru
Home Universe:
Place of Birth:
Citizenship: American
Weight: 195 lbs (89 kg)
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Jackson Arvad (of Earth-616), also known as Will o' the Wisp, is a fictional character, a comic book supervillain in the Marvel universe.

He is a physicist who gained control over the electromagnetic attraction between his body's molecules, allowing him to adjust his density (like the Vision). He is most often a foe of Spider-Man.


Early life

Jackson Arvad was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A former employee at Roxxon Oil, he worked in the division dedicated to electromagnetic research as a scientist. Under constant pressure of being fired, Arvad spent lots of time furthering his work on electromagnetism, getting little sleep in the process. He eventually ended up falling asleep on the job, unable to save himself from a laboratory accident that would change his life. He ended up being caught in the electromagnetic field of a device he was working on, the device weakening the attraction between the molecules in his body, threatening his life.

Becoming Will o' the Wisp

When his boss learned of the accident, he decided to let Arvad die, but not before he demanded any scientific applications the device would've had. However, Arvad was able to save himself when he learned he was able to control the level of attraction between his body's molecules. He attempted to kill his employer, Jonas Harrow multiple times but was stopped each time by Spider-Man. Finally, he opted to simply hypnotize the man into confessing his crimes to the police. He was recently seen among an army of supervillains organized by Hammerhead that was captured by Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Powers and abilities


  • Will O' The Wisp possesses the power to exert conscious control over the sub-atomic electromagnetic particles that carry the force of attraction between the molecules of his body. This enables him to control his density, granting him such powers as superhuman strength, flight, and intangibility.
  • Mentally willing himself to his maximum density, he can make his flesh and substance as hard as the mineral feldspar. At this density, his muscles become denser and stronger, granting him superhuman strength.
  • Mentally willing himself to his minimum density, Will O' The Wisp allows a non-critical number of random molecules to oscillate at a small distance from his body, granting him intangibility (unlike the Vision, who shunts his excess molecules extradimensionally, He disperses them omnidirectionally in this dimension). The process of dispersing his molecules produces a bright, sparkling light.


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Strength Level

Will O' The Wisp possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) approximately 12 tons while in his state of maximum density.


  • Will O' The Wisp can maintain his density state of density for about 10 minutes before fatigue forces him to let up.

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