Judas Traveller
Full Name: Steve Sphinkshter
First Appearance: Spider-Lad #1
Created by: Sean Schemmel
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Dastardly
Status: Dead
Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Citizenship: Israeli
Base: Under the Red Sea
Affiliations: Bible League
Powers/Abilities: Bible Location Transportation
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 149.678 lbs
Hair Color: Ice Gray
Eye Color: Concrete Blue
Unique Features: Bulbous Nose

Hooked Wrist Gangly Ankles

Judas Traveller first joined the Marvel Universe in 1966 following as the first villain to the newly introduced "Spider-Lad." His signature ability of travelling to locations cited in the bible perfectly countered Spider-Lad's ability of Spider-Prayer. With his quick thinking, Spider-Lad defeated Judas Traveller with his Spider-Gun.

Judas Traveller later appeared as a nemesis to the Iron-Freak in 1978. By this point, Judas Traveller required an iron lung to breath due to the internal organ damage dealt to him 12 years prior. By this point, Spider-Lad had died and had been resurrected as the cyborg known as the Iron-Freak; he was developed in part by Tony Stark on a bit of a bender. When the Iron-Freak went to go visit his victim of years past in search of forgiveness (the power of Christ compelled him) Judas Traveller grabbed him by the arm and "travelled" them both to the middle of the Red Sea, where the two drowned in each other's embrace.

The mantle of Judas Traveller has since been adopted by Mickey "The Spike" Greenwaldo, who uses the abilities for good and solving crimes that happen to occur in biblical locations.

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