Living Brain (Earth-616)
The Living Brain

Full Name: None
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #8
Created by: Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Active
Place of Birth: Midtown High
Citizenship: American
Base: Parker Industries, Hudson River, New York; formerly Spider-Island Two, New York, New York; Horizon Labs, New York, New York
Affiliations: Parker Industries, Spider-Man (Peter Parker); formerly Horizon Labs, Sinister Six, Spider-Man (Otto Octavius),
Powers/Abilities: Super strength
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 800 lbs
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color:
Unique Features:

The Living Brain (of Earth-616), is an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Petty to serve as problem solving tool. Unfortunately, the A.I. has been misused by many individuals over the years as an accomplice in their criminal endeavors. Recently, the Living Brain was repurposed by the Superior Spider-Man to serve as his personal lab assistant.



The Living Brain was created by a scientist named Dr. Petty to serve as the next generation of artificial intelligence. The A.I. was intended to serve as a laboratory tool by supplying scientists with whatever information they needed and assisting them in their experiments. Not long after it's creation, Dr. Petty brought the Brain to Midtown High, so he could demonstrate its capabilities to the students. Two of the workmen that were hired to transport the Living Brain overheard Dr. Petty's claim that it could solve any problem during his demonstration and decided to steal it for themselves rather then transport it back to Dr. Petty's lab, in order to use its abilities for gambling purposes.

While attempting to abscond with the Living Brain, the two workmen were caught in the act by Dr. Petty. Dr. Petty attempted to stop the workmen from stealing his invention, but during the scuffle he accidentally knocked one of the workmen into the control panel on the Living Brain's chest, which caused the Living Brain to malfunction and go on a rampage through the school. This subsequent rampage was short lived as Spider-Man instantly arrived on the scene and ,after a brief fight with the A.I., was able to shut the Living Brain down by destroying it's control panel.

The Second Coming

Several years after it's rampage at Midtown High, Dr. Petty decided to repair the Living Brain and denote it to the Midtown High science lab, so that it could be used for the purpose it was originally intended for. Unfortunately, the Brain was stolen by Dr. Petty's son, Steve Petty, while it was in transit to Midtown High. Steve repurposed the Living Brain into a weapon, so he could exact his revenge on a bully who had been tormenting him. To this end, he modified the robot by giving it the ability to fly, equipping it with metal claws, and repainted it with a gold and red color scheme. Steve's plans at revenge failed when Spider-Man, who was visiting his alma mater in his civilian guise, successfully defeated the robot and apprehended Steve.

Not long after this the Living Brain was one of a number of villains chosen by Chadmaster to be a contestant in his cosmic roller derby. The Living Brain was supposedly destroyed by a Sentinel during the competition, but wasn't to be the end of the robot's story.

Send in the Clones

Shortly after the Living Brain's supposed death, the Beyond Corporation somehow came into possession of the robots' blueprints. They used the blueprints to create an army of duplicate Living Brains and unleashed them upon Nextwave during Nextwave's attempt to infiltrate the corporation's State 51 base. Unfortunately, the duplicates proved no match for Nextwave's superior might and were quickly dispatched.

Joining the Sinister Six

Superior Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six

The Sinister Six vs. the Superior Spider-Man

Through unknown circumstances, the Living Brain came into the possession of Boomerang who repaired and repurposed it to serve as the sixth member of the newest incarnation of the Sinister Six. In the Sinister Six's first mission, Boomerang tasked the Living Brain and the Beetle with stealing a Barometric Oscillator. Unfortunately, the Living Brain's run with the Sinister Six was short lived as the Superior Spider-Man easily defeated the group. After apprehending the Six, Spider-Man sent the Living Brain to "Peter Parker's" lab at Horizon, so he could reprogram it to be his new lab assistant.

Fighting for Good

As Spider-Man and "Peter Parker's" personal lab assistant, the Living Brain was finally able to serve the purpose it was originally intended for by assisting "Peter" in his work at Horizon Labs and Spider-Man in his work as a superhero. One of the duties Spider-Man tasked him with was helping the Spiderlings maintain and run Spider-Island Two.

After discovering the traces of Peter Parker's consciousness were present in his mind, Spider-Man had the Living Brain assist him in performing a "Parker-Ectomy".

After "Peter" was dismissed from Horizon, the Living Brain helped him move his belongings and equipment to Spider Island for safe keeping until he could make other arrangements.

When Stunner returned to exact her revenge on Spider-Man for killing her lover Doctor Octopus. The Living Brain helped Spider-Man to convince her to cease her attempts at vengeance. At the same time he also helped "Peter" in preventing Dr. Lamaze from impeding the approval for "Peter's" doctorate.

Following the founding of Parker Industries, the Living Brain resumed his role as "Peter's" lab assistant at his new lab at Parker Industries. While working at Parker Industries, the Living Brain assisted Spider-Man in his attempts to separate the Venom Symbiote from Flash Thompson.

Otto and the Living Brain escape Spider Island's destruction.

Safe at Last

Goblin Nation

When Spider-Island Two was attacked by the Goblin Underground, the Living Brain assisted Spider-Man in escaping the island's destruction by carrying Spider-Man and Spider-Man's lab equipment across the Hudson River while at the same time evading their pursers.

Unfortunately, Monster was able to find "Peter" and the Living Brain hiding out at Parker Industries and attempted to destroy them, but thankfully the Living Brain was able to restrain her before she could seriously harm them.

A New Master

After Peter regained control of his body from Otto, Peter decided to keep employing the Living Brain as his lab assistant after discovering how useful the robot was as an assistant.

When the Ghost attacked Parker Industries as part of Alchemax's plan to prevent from getting the contract to build the new supervillain prison, Peter Parker ordered the Living Brain to protect the employees during the evacuation and was damaged in the process.

Having an Octopus on the Brain

At an undetermined point during the 8 month period that Parker Industries spent rebuilding following the Ghost's successful attack on the company's former headquarters, a digital copy of Doctor Octopus took control of the Living Brain as part of his long-term goal to take over Peter Parker's body again.

The Doctor Octopus clone was able to maintain his ruse for months until he blew his cover in a fit of rage after hearing the circumstances of how his progenitor had died. In order to prevent Peter from investigating the cause of the Living Brain's unusual behavior, Otto activated the Living Brain's self destruct mechanism which resulted in the robot's demise.

Powers & Abilities


Living Brain and the Beetle

The Living Brain using his super strength to left a Barometric Oscillator

  • Superhuman Strength: It is currently unknown exactly how strong the Living Brain is, but he has shown that he is at least strong enough to easily tear through Spider-Man's webbing after determining how much pressure it would take to rip it apart and has been shown to lift extraordinarily large objects with extreme ease.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: The Living Brain was designed to be the ultimate problem solving A.I.. To this end, its database contains more knowledge than any other brain on earth, human or mechanical.
  • Superhuman Analytical Skills: The Living Brain can process and collate large amounts of information that would be too much for the average computer or human could process. Using it's superior analytical skills, the Living Brain can find any inherited weaknesses in a being or structure as well as determining the best situation to overcome obstacles and the best course of action to achieve its goals.
  • Superhuman Durability: Due to the Living Brain's possessing a dense metal exo-skeleton, the robot can withstand attacks that would normally kill a human.
  • Self-Repairing System: At an unknown point the Living Brain's body was modified to include self-repairing nanites that could heal an injury the Living Brain suffered upon activation.


  • Flexibility: The joints of Living Brain's limbs can rotate nearly 360 degrees.



The Living Brain can be controlled by remote if the user can tune into the right frequency. This function was installed by Steve Petty when he upgraded the Living Brain, so that he could control the robot from a distance.


The Living Brain's originally had external controls on its thorax that could be used to activate and deactivate him.



  • Jet Propulsion: The Living Brain has ability to propel itself through land, sea, and air at incredible speeds.


  • Claws: The Living Brain is outfitted with metal claws on each hand for combat purposes.

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