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White Rabbit

Full Name: Lorina Dodson
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #131
Created by: J.M. DeMatteis
Kerry Gammill
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Citizenship: American
Base: New York City, New York
Affiliations: Hateful Hexad, Black Cat's Gang, Menagerie; formerly White Rabbit Gang, Terrible Two, Hood's Gang
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color: Strawberry Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: None

"I hate being late!"
— White Rabbit

Lorina Dodson (of Earth-616), better known as the White Rabbit, is an extremely wealthy widow who uses her fortune to pursue a career as a professional criminal.

Lorina has been part of many criminal groups over the years including the Hood's Gang and Black Cat's Gang.


Early Life

Lorina explains her backstory.

As the daughter of a wealthy family, Lorina was brought up in an environment where all of her material desires were catered to. Also, due to her being their only child, Lorina's parents sheltered her from many of the hardships of real life such as not allowing her to attend public school in order to have her home schooled by private tutors through her college years.

The only escape Lorina had for her repressive and boring lifestyle was through the many pieces of classic literature found in her family's vast library, particularly the classic Lewis Carroll novel Alice in Wonderland.

Once she reached adulthood, Lorina's parents married her off to a elderly millionaire named Lewis Dodson, so she would be able to live a safe and happy life. Unfortunately, the prospect of spending the rest of her life as a "Trophy Wife" caused Lorina's mind to snap. This mental breakdown caused her to murder her husband shortly after they were married. Luckily for Lorina, the authorities couldn't find enough evidence to connect her to the crime, so the death was ruled as an accident.

Becoming the White Rabbit

"Am I late for the tea party?"

With her husband now deceased and the vast fortune she inherited from husband's will, Lorina decided to pursue a career as a professional criminal known as the White Rabbit whose costume resembled a cross between the literary character from her favorite novel and a Playboy Bunny, so that she might experience the life of danger and excitement that she was denied for most of her life.

Since she was still a rookie villain, Lorina decided to begin her criminal career by robbing a series of fast-food restaurants. During one of these robberies, Lorina encountered the amphibian hero Frog-Man. Lorina quickly gained the advantage in their ensuing fight and would've beaten Frog-Man to death if not for the timely intervention of Spider-Man. Not wanting to tackle with Spider-Man at such in early stage in her criminal career, Lorina quickly fled the scene leaving her gang of accomplices to fend for themselves against the two super-heroes.

Shortly after her failed restaurant robbery, Lorina attempted to rob a book fair only to clash with the two heroes again. Realizing she was outmatched, Lorina attempted to escape using her rocket boots, but she was knocked into a wall by Frog-Man before she could escape resulting in her defeat.

The Terrible Two

Seeking Vengeance against Frog-Man for her previous defeat, White Rabbit contacted fellow villains Speed Demon, Yellow Claw and the Walrus, as all 4 of them had previously been defeated by Frog-Man due to various flukes, so that they might join forces in order to take down their mutual foe. Unfortunately, the Walrus was the only villain to accept her offer and the pair decided to form a criminal duo known as the Terrible Two.

"Have a merry merry un-birthday!"

The pair went on a rampage through Brooklyn in order to lure out their mutual foe. Their plan was a greater success then they had hoped for as not only had they lured out Frog-Man, but his father Leapfrog as well with a battle between the four combatants quickly ensuing. Unfortunately for the Terrible Two, Spider-Man spotted the confrontation while out on patrol and turned the tide of the battle in the amphibian heroes favor resulting the Terrible Two's defeat.

The White Rabbit would later resurface with two new accomplices, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, although the two were later found to be actors posing as her accomplices, as no real supervillains would work with her.

The Ransoming of Two Heroes

Suffering even more setbacks in her criminal career, Lorina was stopped by the newly reformed Grizzly and his partner the Gibbon during an attempted bank heist.

During their confrontation, Lorina successfully captured the two and tried to ransom them to the city for 1 billion dollars in gold. The mayor made what he considered a fair counter-offered for the pair: $2.50.

Enraged by this development, Lorina demands that the Mayor pay her five billion dollars in quarters or she would detonate a series of bombs hidden throughout the city. Thankfully, Spider-Man (who was now calling himself the Bombastic Bag-Man) infiltrated Lorina's hideout and successfully defeated her giant rabbit robot saving Grizzly, Gibbon and the city in the process.

Dating Arcade

Lorina's playboy bunny outfit

At an unspecified point in time, Lorina modified her costume to look more like a playboy bunny's outfit then it had previously and began to date the Mutant known as Arcade.

Together they hunted down and captured the heroes known as Wolverine and Black Cat so they could serve as the prey on Aracde's island resort for rich hunters.

The two heroes quickly made short work of the hunters and decided to go after the villainous couple. In an attempt to escape the heroes' grasp, Arcade tried to destroy the island with the heroes still on it before they could capture them, but the heroes successfully captured Arcade and Lorina before they could escape.

Feeling that the two villains deserved a taste of their own medicine, the heroes deposited them in the Savage Land next to a small tied-up goat and left them to fend for themselves.

Shortly after being abandoned by the heroes, a Tyrannosaurus Rex came charging at them. Lorina begged Arcade to help her save the goat as she had taken a liking to it, but Arcade called her stupid for wanting to save a goat and left her to fight the T-rex alone.

Luckily for Lorina, the goat turned out be a focus of worship for a group of Savage Land cannibals, who saved her and treated her as a queen as thanks for saving their idol.

The cannibals later capture Arcade and tried to sacrifice him to their idol. When he saw that Lorina was their queen, he tried to convince her to save him on the premise that their relationship problems can be worked out if she gave him a chance, but Lorina felt no inclination to save him due to his previous comments and her only response to his pleas was "you shouldn't have called me stupid."

Dark Reign

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Lorina eventually returned to New York and joined the Hood's Gang. With help from her fellow gang members, Lorina attempted to force Mister Negative out of Chinatown, so that the Hood could expand his criminal empire.

Lorina was later seen operating illegal drug trade out of Los Angeles, California. She ran into trouble when her biggest client, Bobby Carr, was approached by the U.S. Department of Justice and asked to reveal to them who his drug supplier was.

Fearing the idea of being exposed, Lorina attacked Bobby and his then girlfriend Mary Jane Watson while they were at a trendy Los Angeles club. Fortunately for Bobby, Mary Jane quickly defeated Lorina with the police taking Lorina into their custody shortly after her defeat.


The White Rabbit vs. Peter Parker

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During the Spider Queen's attempted takeover of New York City, Lorina joined forces with Scorcher and Chance in order to take advantage of the chaos and go on a crime spree. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of trying to rob Peter Parker and his newly spider-powered girlfriend Carlie Cooper who quickly defeated them.

Months later, Lorina encountered the Superior Spider-Man during an attempted caper and surrendered without even putting up a fight due to his reputation.

All-New Marvel NOW!

"Here comes the Easter Bunny."

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Feeling that her business relationship with the Hood wasn't advancing her criminal career in the way that she had hoped, Lorina quit the Hood's gang and decided to form a new animal themed team known as the Menagerie in order to steal valuable "Easter Eggs".

Their crime spree was short lived as their initial heist was foiled by the newly returned Spider-Man.

All-New, All-Different Marvel

Following the restoration of the Multiverse after the events of Secret Wars, Lorina joins forces with her former teammate the Walrus and the new Goldbug in order to poison New York City's water supply.

The trio are quickly located and defeated by Spider-Woman before their plan can succeed and are taken to the newly refurbished Ryker's Island, now called the Cellar. What makes this defeat even more humiliating is the fact that Spider-Woman was eight months into her pregnancy when she defeated all three of them with relative ease.

Following this defeat, Lorina joined a newly formed supervillain group known as the Hateful Hexad that was comprised of small time villains who hoped to rise to greatness through the group's exploits. Unfortunately, the group suffered a major defeat at the hands of Spider-Man and Deadpool shortly before the battle was interrupted by the arrival of Itsy Bitsy.

Death and Resurrection

Lorina was one of three women with low-level powers target by the newly created evil duplicate of Jared Beekman. While the Jared Beekman duplicate was successful in killing Lorina and her former teammate Skein, he was unsuccessful in killing his final target the super-powered investigator Jessica Jones who survived his attempt to shoot her.

After the real Jared Beekman reabsorbed his evil duplicate, both Lorina and Skein found themselves waking up in the city morgue alive and well with the two of them suspecting that Jared reabsorbing his evil duplicate undid all the evil his duplicate had committed including their deaths.

Powers & Abilities


  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The White Rabbit has demonstrated a knowledge of unknown type of martial arts during her various battles with New York's super hero population.
  • Knowledge of Classical Literature: The White Rabbit is known to have an extensive knowledge of classical literature as she currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature.


  • Mental Instability: The White Rabbit mental instability is so extreme that many of the schemes and tactics that appear brilliant to her appear completely ridiculous to both her enemies and allies.



Lorina's Robotic Rabbit Steed

The White Rabbit is known to use a custom-made zeppelin called the Flying Hare as her primary form of air transportation and a custom-made van called the Bunnymobile as her primary form of ground transportation.


Due to the fact that the White Rabbit has no superhuman abilities of her own, she has used her vast fortune to create a wide assortment of weapons and gadgets to assist her in her criminal career, including a giant, heavily armed robotic rabbit that she uses as a weaponized steed; genetically altered killer rabbits, an umbrella that fires explosives and razor tipped carrots; and a pair of rocket boots.


  • Due to her ridiculous appearance, insanity, lack of judgement and bad reputation, few people take her seriously and dismiss her as a raving lunatic.
    • This perception of her is reinforced by the fact that the White Rabbit Gang was revealed to be comprised of actors whom the White Rabbit hired under the premise that they were auditioning for part due to the fact all of New York's super-villains refused to work with her.
  • Lorina's husband Lewis Dodson was named after the author of Alice in Wonderland whose pseudonym was Lewis Carrol and real name was Charles Dodgson.

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