Martha Connors (of Earth-26496) is Curt Connors' wife and assistant at ESU.


Martha worked at ESU with Curt and their son Billy often hangs around. Eddie Brock is Curt's lab assistant and Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy become interns at the lab.

During a battle against Electro, Martha discovered Curt is using lizard DNA to regrow his arm that he lost in a lab accident and replaced with a mechanical one. Due to one of them being altered by Electro's lightning, his arm grew back, but he later transformed into the Lizard until they used a gene cleanser to cure him. She later fires Peter due to him giving pictures to the Daily Bugle of the incident.

When the alien symbiote is found on Colonel. John Jameson Shuttle it is taken to the ESU Labs to be studied by the Connors. The pair is ecstatic about the discovery and gives new hope to their lives and career. But after the robbery in which it gets attached to Spider-Man, they are distraught over the loss. Peter eventually is rehired as Curt's lab assistant after Martha is forced to fire Eddie.

Later the science department gains Dr. Miles Warren as a new member as Norman Osborn funds the research. Dr. Warren has been conducting mutagenic experiments on human test subjects; her husband threatens to inform the school board only for Dr. Warren to blackmail him with his own lizard experiments. Later after all their trouble's and losses Martha and Curt decide to leave with Billy for the Florida, everglades to escape Warren's blackmail.


  • Martha hated Peter, and was pretty fond of Eddie.
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